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Nissan Micra in the driving report: Small cars in the Micra cosmos

Nissan Micra in the driving report
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Actually, the inconspicuous small car only scores with good clarity, pronounced handiness and low fuel consumption. At least that's how the used car buying guide from a uto motor und sport from 2001 judges the Nissan Micra. And, oh yes, the 'very good reliability', which one could not yet know in 1993 in the year of the award ceremony.

Perhaps it was the newly designed, chain-driven DOHC engines made of light metal, which were the Nissan at the time Micra brought in the award. The lively sixteen-valve engines turn up to 7,000 rpm and are still considered extremely robust today. They are available with 55, 60, 75 and most recently from 2000 even with 82PS. This means that the inconspicuous tiny thing sprints from standstill to 100 km /h in just 11.9 seconds and reaches a top speed of 170 km /h.

Nissan Micra today from 400 euros

Unfortunately Nissan never understood how to give its Pimpf, introduced in 1982 (first generation until 1993) at least a touch of dynamism or drama. Even as a Super S, the Nissan Micra looks as harmless as a dwarf rabbit with its narrow tires and high roof. The devoted 'That's cute' from young high school graduates and hairdressers who draped their plush toys on the dashboard still haunts the Nissan Micra today.

That - and that the current Micra is not exactly one of the bestsellers in small cars counts - lowers the price for the nice, tough Japanese: there are roadworthy specimens with at least twelve months remaining MOT from 400 euros and up.


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