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Movie Car Exhibition: Science Fiction & amp; Fantasy Cars

Movie cars in the Petersen Automotive Museum
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D he Petersen Automotive Museum in Los Angeles is showing “Hollywood Dream Machines” until March 2020. The special exhibition contains 50 movie cars from the dream factory, including the Batmobile from 1989 and the De Lorean from 'Back to the Future'. The car from the 1985 film has been part of the Petersen Museum's collection since 2016 and was appropriately welcomed with an 80s party and a De Lorean get-together.

Batmobile and 49 other movie cars

The Batmobile on display is the second version from 1989, which was used as a vehicle in 'Batman's Return', for example. The car, which has numerous extras in the film, is built on a chassis from GM. A turbine engine is supposed to get Batman from one place to another quickly in the film. In truth, the Batmobile is probably powered by an ordinary V8.

The Petersen Automotive Museum

According to its own information, the Petersen Museum shows the world's largest collection of film cars with 50 vehicles from 20 productions. The museum opened in 1994 after Robert E. Petersen backed his proposal to the management of the Natural History Museum Los Angeles with a donation of 15 million US dollars. In 2000 the museum became independent and in 2015 the building on Wilshire Blvd was thoroughly renovated for 90 million US dollars.

Petersen Museum
Metallica singer James Hetflied has brought some of his custom cars to the Petersen Museum. The special exhibition can be seen until October 2020.

The latest addition to the museum are the custom cars of Metallica singer James Hetfield. These include individual items such as the 1948 Jaguar Black Pearl, the 1934 Packard Aquarius or the 1936 Auburn Slow Burn. Until OctoberThe special exhibition can be seen in 2020.


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