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Motor Klassik Award 2023: Participate and win an Alfa Spider

Italian moments for many future summers in your own open sports car: Win an Alfa Romeo Spider 916, similar to the example car shown here, worth 10,000 euros. Choose your favorite classics of the year and the future online and trust your luck!

Click here to take part in the readers' choice ! Closing date for entries: February 8, 2023

We still don't know what your Alfa Romeo Spider of the extravagantly styled Tipo 916 series looks like. Will it be painted in traditional Rosso Alfa, flashy Giallo Zoe, or even romantic Verde Acido, a bright lime hue that immediately projects you onto the Gardesana Occidentale or the Amalfitana? Or is he wearing a discreetly elegant Grigio Chiaro Metallizzato, like the example in these photos? A bright, clear silver that perfectly emphasizes the beads and light edges of the sculptural body? The provocative wedge spider emerged from the Pininfarina study "Vivace" shown in Geneva in 1986, Enrico Fumia and Diego Ottina brought it to series maturity.

We also don't know yet which engine will power the winning spider for the winner of the Motor Klassik Award 2023. There are initially two 16-valve engines with overhead camshafts and dual ignition to choose from: the small Twin Spark four-cylinder with 1.8 liters displacement and 144 hp and the extremely popular 2.0 Twin Spark with 155 hp. Four brilliant, but also capricious V6 engines, including a two-liter turbo with 202 hp for Italy, crown the illustrious engine range of the Spiders Tipo 916, which from 2003 even extends to 3.2 liters displacement and 240 hp.

But we at Motor Klassik know one thing for sure: that your future Alfa Romeo Spider will be one of the best. Because condition is more important than the number of cylinders, and a full service book counts for more than many extras.

Grigio Chiaro as a reference object

If you look at the production statistics of the 38,783 Spiders built from 1994 to 2004, the probability would be greatest that it was a 2.0 Twin Spark Lusso of the second series, which was built in Grugliasco from 2000 onwards was, will run out. On the inside it would have anthracite-colored leather, on the outside the 916 would be painted in Grigio Chiaro. Our photo car therefore happens to have a reference character. Even if the winning Spider could end up being a 1.8 Twin Spark with cloth seats and a power top.

But just describing the non-conformist wedge spider is not enough to arouse desire. You have to drive it, because it only reveals its true charms on the road, on winding country roads. The lively driving dynamics keep what the surreal shape promises.The stigma of front-wheel drive and a transverse engine initially made it difficult for the Tipo 916 to be loved by Alfisti, but Alfa Romeo engineers didn't settle for Fiat's mean Tipo Due platform, they specially designed an elaborate five-link rear axle, to wean the front-wheel drive unsportsmanlike understeer. This succeeded, the handling of the Spider is playfully neutral, although the torsion-resistant convertible weighs an impressive 1,460 kilos. Only the large turning circle reveals the type of drive. Even the four-cylinder engines, despite the G-Kat they sound as deeply rumbling as the old aluminum Bialberi, really put you in a good mood, they celebrate cheerfully up to 7,000 rpm and deliver powerful thrust from the low speed range. The well-tuned five-speed gearbox is a pleasure to use. It can be switched precisely despite the transverse motor.

Good quality for a long life

As a contrast to the progressive outer sculpture, the interior became almost classic. The type and arrangement of the instruments in the form of ice cream cones, the shape of the seats and the center console all cite the Fastback Spider from 1969. This is also why you feel so comfortable in the 916, which is 1.78 meters wide and has a wheelbase of 2.54 meters for a two-seater conveys an extremely generous feeling of space including a decent trunk, albeit with Tirefit instead of a spare wheel.

The initially lamented paradigm shift of the Tipo 916 in the history of the Spider, it also has other major advantages: The processing quality was at a high level, and thanks to full galvanization, rust is no longer an issue.

Join now and win!

Among all participants who took part in the election by the closing date on February 8, 2023 , we are giving away an Alfa Romeo Spider, Type 916, worth around 10,000 euros. Legal recourse is excluded and a cash payment of the prize is not possible. Anyone over the age of 18 may take part, with the exception of employees of the Motor Presse Stuttgart publishing group and their relatives. You can find more information about the conditions of participation and data protection at www.leserumfragen.de/motor-klassik - and now we wish you the best of luck!


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