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MGF as a roadster buying tip: Porsche Boxster alternative from € 2,500

Sabine Hofmann
MGF as a roadster best buy
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The well-known British sports car brand M G until they found a successor to their long-running favorite in 1995 MGB presented the MGF. For cast-iron fans there was at least the MG RV8 with a 190 hp four-liter V8 from 1992 to 1995, but its production was limited to 2,000 units. The only legitimate successor to the B is the MGF, of which 77,269 units were built.

The MGF breaks with all traditions

In contrast to the MG RV8 with leaf-sprung rigid axle and one The MGF breaks with old traditions. The mid-engined roadster is a modern, lightweight car with a four-valve aluminum engine and all-round independent suspension. Even with the 120 hp basic engine, the plump Brit achieves very good driving performance and accelerates from zero to 100 km /h in 9.2 seconds. The top speed is 193 km /h.

The MGF was also available with 160 hp as the top engine from 1999. The performance of the roadster, which weighs just over a ton, was almost on par with the Porsche Boxster: 0 to 100 km /h in seven seconds, top speed 220 km /h. The K-series engines with 145 and 160 hp have adjustable camshafts (VVC system), a nice souvenir from the collaboration with Honda from 1981 to 1994. The Japanese are probably also responsible for the fact that the small convertible from the chaotic brand association British-Leyland and the later Austin Rover Group is a comparatively reliable vehicle.

Hip-high MGF as a Boxster fright

With a powerfully motorized convertible, the focus is of course on driving fun - and the MGF, which is just waist-high without a roof, offers quite a bit of that. It starts with the low seating position and a clear, well-organized sports cockpit in the Japanese style. You immediately feel connected to the car and in good hands with the body.

When the robust four-cylinder engine behind the driver appears, you think you're sitting in a mini Ferrari. Thanks to the mid-engine, the small MG shows off the traction of an elephant, but craves curves like a greyhound. The powerful versions with 145 and 160 hp therefore need an energetic driver if the little beast with theHeck wants to go green.


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