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MG Metro from 1,800 €: Mini successor with up to 93 hp

MG Metro from 1,800 €
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The original Mini was still in the range until 2000. The basic engine was the M etro the four-cylinder bumper from the A-series with 998 cc and 48 hp and 1,275 cc and 60 hp. Two years later, a sports version followed under the traditional name MG.

British badge engineering

Of course, MG- Badge engineering enthusiasts, but they were wrong. The differences between Austin and MG Metro were namely almost as big as between a Timex and a Rolex. The 1.3-liter engine of the MG received a new cylinder head with larger valves and carburettors, so that the output rose to 72 hp at 6,000 rpm.

The equipment set sporty accents, which the agile hydragas - The chassis had grown without any problems: alloy wheels, rear spoiler, leather steering wheel, rev counter, sports seats and red seat belts. The 795-kilo flea sprinted from zero to 100 km /h in 11.5 seconds, making it faster than a MG B.

Turbo version of the MG Metro with 93 hp

And it was even faster: the turbo version of the MG Metro with 93 hp managed the standard sprint in just under 10 seconds, but often suffered from engine overheating and transmission problems.

In Great Britain, the Metro was the best seller in its class until 1984. On the other hand, they hardly played a role on the export markets, especially not the relatively expensive MG, which was in the price list in 1986 for 16,145 marks. Used, well-preserved MG Metro are only available in England, the prices range around 1,800 euros. The State 4 metro costs little more than a few hundred euros. The rare turbo version has already achieved enthusiast prices and costs around twice as much.


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