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Mercedes W 123 Kombi (1978-85), from € 5,000: Successful Swabian from Bremen

Mercedes W 123 Kombi (1978-85), from 5,000 €
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K ombis one looked at in Stuttgart-Untertürkheim in the seventies rather than ugly stepchildren for craft businesses. But the station wagon sold considerably better than expected. One of the reasons for this is the large trunk with a completely flat loading floor, from which a third bench for children can be conjured up if necessary.

The T-Model of the W 123 is practical - and beautiful

Second, thanks to its elegant lines, the T-Model never looked like a delivery van. Finally, word got around that the station wagons made in Bremen were of better quality than the sedans from Sindelfingen.

The range of petrol engines ranges from two-liter to 2.8-liter six-cylinder. The 240 diesel is extremely economical and legendarily indestructible, but with its 72 hp it is only advisable to stoic minds. From the three-liter five-cylinder with 88 hp you can swim with the flow of traffic, the three-liter turbo diesel offers adequate acceleration. The 230 TE offers the best compromise between simplicity, durability, performance and consumption. The largest four-cylinder petrol engine has 136 hp and a maximum torque of 205 Newton meters.

Should something break, don't worry: spare parts are often available at the nearest Mercedes branch. In engines with high mileage, the timing chains should be replaced as they otherwise tend to break. In hidden places such as side members and rear axle mounts, rust often blooms in the dark. So before you buy it, first get on the lifting platform.

Advantages and disadvantages of the Mercedes W 123 Kombi

  • Advantages: The T-model of the 123 series is characterized by very robust technology, great suitability for everyday use and plenty of space. Large selection, good supply of spare parts, low prices.
  • Disadvantages : Corrosion on the body, sometimes worn steering gears or defective central locking. Mercedes W 123 Kombi with the small diesel are sluggish.


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