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Mercedes R 107 (1971-89) from € 20,000: Affordable Mercedes SL

Mercedes R 107 (1971-89) from 20,000 €
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K a Mercedes can do a similar thing show a long construction period. The R 107 series remained in the range for almost 20 years. A secret of success of the SL from the seventies lies in the renunciation of any technical escapades. Combined with the rather sober design, this may have earned him the reputation of the well-groomed boring.

Sporty and comfortable at the same time

The outstanding strength of the Mercedes SL of the R 107 series is any lack of weakness. The body is shapely and solid, the brakes are flawless and easy to adjust, the chassis sovereign in every situation. The SL is surprisingly comfortable for a sporty car.

The drive goes well with that. The six-cylinder in-line engines of the R 107-Mercedes SL are already popular, but the eight-cylinders are really befitting. The three and a half liter in the 350 SL offers a nice compromise between smoothness and performance.

The heavy doors and the high beltline create a feeling of security. Nevertheless, despite the wide transmission tunnel, there is a generous feeling of space. In contrast to its predecessor, the R 113, the R 107 is not based on a shortened sedan platform, but was designed entirely as a convertible with sheet metal of different wall thicknesses ensuring rigidity and safety. The numerous cavities, however, offer the rust plenty of surface to attack, and the front end in particular suffers.

Prices for a neat, well-preserved R 107 start at 20,000 euros. This is not a bargain, but a well-maintained model does not lose its value either, prices have risen slightly in recent years.

Advantages and disadvantages of the Mercedes-Benz SL of the R 107 series

  • Advantages: The R 107-Mercedes SL has very robust and reliable technology, as well as good workmanship and high value retention. Its suitability for everyday use, high level of driving comfort and safe driving behavior also speak for it.
  • Disadvantages : Interested parties should be aware that the Mercedes SL will entail high maintenance costs. The powerful eight-cylinder models in particular are very thirsty. He should also pay attention to the condition, because badly cared for specimens often suffer from corrosion damage.


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