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Mercedes E50 AMG from € 4,000: 347 PS in discreet packaging

Sabine Hofmann
Mercedes E50 AMG from 4,000 €
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N Even today, many Mercedes fans find them Body shape of the E-Class presented in spring 1995 takes some getting used to. The strange four-eyed face of the W210 series broke with a long tradition and replaced the rectangular broadband headlights introduced in 1971 with the 107 SL. They were as typical of Mercedes passenger cars as Bono's sunglasses, which were replaced by John Lennon's nickel glasses.

After all, the Mercedes designers achieved a certain dynamic with the four raised, oval headlights, because the fenders and the The front of the radiator now shows clearer contours again. However, the tension is then completely lost from the A-pillar to the rear bumper. In these areas, the E-Class appears as soft and almost rounded as the C-Class presented two years earlier. Small wheels and solid, glued-on side protection strips create a certain clumsiness in the basic versions.

W210 frustration caused by rust

While the optics of the W210 series will be discussed for a long time, the rust problems that arose early on are unfortunately often unmistakable. After three to four years, the undersides of the door and the hood edges were severely infested. The main reasons for this are the change to water-soluble paint that began in 1992, poor deburring of the sheet metal parts and errors in the cathodic dip painting.

But now the nagging is over, because Max is just arriving with a Mercedes E50 AMG around the corner. The power sedan replaced the legendary, 320 hp E 500 from the W124 series. Thanks to the four-eye face, the silver giant is immediately recognizable as a W210 - but has otherwise radically changed. The lowered body, relatively discreet sill and spoiler attachments and, above all, the lush tires make the staid allotment shuttle a real highway burner. The size of the rear wheels grew from 195 /65-15 to a huge 265 /40-18. And the engine power compared to the weakest engine from a meager 95 (E 220 Diesel) to a huge 347 hp.

Max likes the car. He is currently doing an internship at Motor Klassik and privately drives an elegant Mercedes 300 SE W126 in diamond blue metallic. It is not the first Mercedes classic that is still affordable for young people that Max is nowowns. The budding communication scientist is very familiar with Strich-Acht, W123 and W124. But W210?

Bulky than the W124-E500

We therefore ask him the question of conscience: Would he be his Swap the 300 SE for the Mercedes E50 AMG? Does Max become Mad Max? Or does he already have problems with the optics of the W210 series?

No, he doesn't: 'I see the design of the W210 as an important step towards modernity for Mercedes. It was right with the optics To stop borrowing from predecessors or existing models. ' This was particularly successful with the Mercedes E50 AMG, which is a bit more beefy and dynamic than its much-praised predecessor E 500 on its wide tires. And it's a real AMG that cost almost 150,000 marks 20 years ago.

After the C 36 AMG, the Mercedes E50 AMG is the second AMG model that could be ordered directly from Mercedes and in the Price lists was listed. Mercedes delivered a pre-assembled E 420 body with avant-garde equipment to AMG in Affalterbach from the Sindelfingen plant. There, the cars received the body parts, the sports chassis and rims, reinforced brakes, electrically adjustable sports seats and a modified instrument cluster with displays for the oil temperature and battery voltage.

And of course the classically tuned five-liter V8 enlarged and polished intake ports, larger intake valves and two camshafts with different timing. In addition, the Mercedes E50 AMG has a double-flow exhaust system.

Subtle interior with a luxury touch

Much more reserved In contrast, the interior of the Mercedes E50 AMG is shown, which largely corresponds to the Avantgarde equipment line. The decorative parts on the doors, dashboard and on the center console are made of dark bird's-eye maple wood, which, however, looks more like plastic. This makes the interior look relatively dark and, above all, unadorned. There are not even white speedometer and rev counter scales or a few nice additional instruments on the center console.

In the darkroom

Max has no problems with that. He likes the sporty, sparse, dark interior, in which at least electrically adjustable seats, two-zone automatic air conditioning, an electric rear blind and a lot more comfort features are hidden. However, he finds the space behind the steering wheel in the Mercedes E50 AMG a bit more cramped than in the predecessor W124, which is probably due to the sloping A-pillars. Nevertheless, the view to the front over the Mercedes star onto the road is excellent because of the relatively high seating position.

Our young Mercedes fan has now taken the passenger seat and we start the engine. Especially in a direct comparisonOur Mercedes E50 AMG looks downright civilized with modern AMG cars that greet their driver with a serious starter roar. When idling, the silky V8 is barely audible. That he is dozing under the bonnet as attentively as a Doberman can be noticed when you step on the accelerator.

Without loss of pressure

For example, with a full-throttle start from a motorway tanker with little traffic: Then the Mercedes E50 AMG picks up the second gear after just two seconds - and it still brutally pushes the heads of the passengers backwards. Without a great loss of pressure, the third stage continues, then the fourth, where the V8 rotates a little longer at 5000 rpm with an energetic growl in order to lift the speedometer needle to the 200 km /h mark. It is extremely impressive how the power flow never stops even without a dual clutch transmission. The five-speed automatic brings almost the same thing. Here are the numbers: 0 to 100 km /h in six, 0 to 200 km /h in 21.6 seconds (test values ​​ auto motor und sport ).

Max is too enthusiastic about the drive unit of the Mercedes E50 AMG. He was particularly impressed by the excellent response and the smooth braking function of the automatic: 'Of course, my 300 SE is a world apart. It always takes one to two seconds to think about when I ask for a fast drive. When I take off the accelerator, the car rolls Just keep going. '

Mercedes E50 AMG as the ideal touring car

Of course, Mercedes has the performance of the brakes and also the handling of the 1.7-ton business sedan on the high engine power Voted. The newly introduced front suspension with double wishbones and the new rack and pinion steering offer good conditions for this. The Mercedes E50 AMG drives astonishingly direct and agile, without showing excessive harshness. As a result, the spacious AMG sedan is also recommended for longer vacation trips with the whole family. If need be, to Istanbul or to Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates, where the fast AMG Mercedes are particularly popular.

But how would Max now decide? Does he find the Mercedes E50 AMG attractive enough to trade it in for his 27-year-old 300 SE with only 188 hp? Max hesitates a little with the answer: 'Of course, the performance of the V8, which is hungry on the gas, is absolutely great. You can't get enough of it, but then you have to bleed at the gas station.'

Buy it now!

No, he wouldn't give his 300 SE for the AMG power car, which also comes too close to modern cars:' The Mercedes E50 AMG doesn't have the rock solid, somewhat antiquated flair of my S-Class. ' And then there are oftenhidden rust problems. But Max can already imagine the E 50 or the seven-horsepower E 55 as a supplement to his 300 SE. 'In addition, it can be assumed that they have just reached their price low,' explains the editorial intern.

His personal tip is therefore: 'Although I'm not a big fan of the T-models, it's for a collector of the Mercedes E50 AMG or E 55 as a station wagon, the probably more attractive variant. ' The surcharge for the sedan is minimal.

This is how much a Mercedes E50 AMG costs

Currently the prices for the Mercedes E50 AMG are still quite cheap. Even well-maintained condition 2 copies hardly cost more than 10,000 euros, as Classic Analytics reports. In state 4, around 4,000 are due for an E50 AMG.


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