Mercedes 560 SEC from 1987: absurd tuning coupé

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Mercedes 560 SEC from 1987
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K all Grabowski would love this car. In the cult film 'Bang Boom Bang', the character played by Ralf Richter can not think of anything better than to spend the money stolen from a bank robbery on a questionably tuned Mercedes 500 SEC of the 126 series, which comes from even more questionable previous ownership. Kalle Grabowski would probably like this 1987 Mercedes-Benz 1000 SEL Autosalon 2000 Super Sport even better than the movie car. After all, this coupe has more power than the one he favors. But first things first.

Mercedes 560 SEC from the 2000 Motor Show

The actually reputable auction house RM Sotheby's offered the luxury class coupé with the bulky model name, which is actually a Mercedes 560 SEC As part of the fall auction in Auburn, USA. The white two-door should bring between 60,000 and 70,000 dollars (about 53,000 to just under 62,000 euros) with just 16,308 miles (26,245 kilometers) on the meter. RM Sotheby's achieved even more: the buyer paid 99,000 dollars (a good 90,000 euros), which is evidently not only characterized by a questionable taste in the car but also by pockets full of money.

RM Auctions
Deep-bed Ronal rims in massively widened fenders - if that's not an 80s tuning!

Responsible for this tuning creation (or tuning creature, depending on your point of view) was the 2000 Motor Show in Miami, which is no longer it today seems to exist (why only ?!). The ex-tuner from Florida gave the 560 SEC a wide body kit made of metal that starts in the front bumper and extends over the front fenders and side skirts to the rear. On therear wheels, this '1000 SEL' - according to the nameplate it really is called that - reaches its maximum width before the body kit runs out on the rear bumper with fake air outlet, but in an otherwise surprisingly clean look. Drop-center rims by Ronal

If you pay a little attention to detail, you will also discover the incorrectly fitting front turn signal glasses, the left headlight wiper standing at half-mast, radiator grille with star with interior body color paint and the nasty cover between the rear lights. And notices that the matching 16-inch five-hole wheels with their extremely contemporary low-bed design and white paint come from the Ronal company.

RM Auctions
Inside, white leather and brown burl wood dominate.

Carat by Duchatelet has left its mark on the inside; a Belgian company that actually specializes in stretch conversions and armor, but also takes care of car refinements and classic car restorations. On board the 1000 SEL, white leather and root wood dominate - and an instrumentation, the scale of which may have been designed by primary school students during their calligraphy exercises. The interior seems to be in top condition overall. In any case, the door sills still sparkle with the rims and the grip areas on the steering wheel, on the doors and on the center console are still snow-white. Stylistically inconsistent, however, is the banal Kenwood CD radio in the center console. Every second cheap small car in the nineties was exposed to similar sound.

RM Sotheby's does not provide any information about any technical modifications. At least the engine, transmission and chassis remained in their original condition. The Mercedes 1000 SEL Autosalon 2000 Super Sport draws between 242 and 300 hp from its 5.6-liter V8, depending on the emission control, and transmits 390 to 455 Newton meters to the rear wheels via a four-speed automatic.


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