Maserati Classiche: certificates, parts and service

Maserati certifies classics, maintains them and replicates spare parts. The Classiche program applies to rarities and models over the age of 20.

Maserati now offers a kind of certificate of authenticity under the name Classiche. The test on which this "Certification of Authenticity" is based includes 300 points that are checked and compared with documents in Maserati's historical archive. This investigation is documented and summarized in a dossier. The first vehicle to go through this process was a Mistral 3700 from 1969. All models of the brand that are at least 20 years old or come from a limited special series - such as the MC12 or Quattroporte special models - are certified.

Inspection and processing

The sports car brand also offers an inspection of all essential mechanical components. Among other things, the combustion chambers, mixture preparation and liquids are checked. Finally, if you want, you can have your car prepared: paint and chrome are polished, rubber and leather are cared for. Since the service takes place at the Modena plant, Maserati customers can drive their car there themselves or have it picked up at home. From next year, the manufacturer also wants to offer support for restorations. Among other things, this should consist of reissuing spare parts that are no longer available.,


Maserati discovers the business with the classics and initially offers a certificate of authenticity and smaller services. In the future, the sports car manufacturer also wants to reproduce spare parts.


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