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Lego presents VW T2 Camper Van: Flower Power Building Kit

Lego is launching a replica of the VW T2 camper van. The model impresses with many functions and is true to the original.

The hype surrounding Lego seems to know almost no bounds at the moment. Also because the troupe from Denmark with its car models repeatedly triggers this "I have to have it!" feeling in the fans of the respective model. This was also the case several years ago with the VW T1 camping bus, which is now one of the classics in the "Creator Experts" series. Now Lego is presenting the successor, which also inherited the T1 in the real Volkswagen chronology.,

If the T1 came in bright red/white, the VW T2 is offered in the light blue that is well known for this model generation as a kit comprising 2,207 parts. Externally, the model is characterized by the "Bay Window", i.e. the continuous and surrounding windshield. The camper van is also functional: the high roof can be raised and the sliding door can be opened, as can the tailgate and engine flap.

On request a flower power hippie mobile

The highlight of the 35 centimeters long, 15 centimeters high and 14 centimeters wide Lego Bullis is the interior. Cupboards, fridge or fabric curtains can be opened or closed, the back seat can be folded. The sink and the two deck chairs and especially the surfboard make the camper equipment perfect. If desired, the VW T2 from Lego can be turned into a flower power hippie mobile with the enclosed stickers. And various license plates give it either a German or American identity.

From August 1st, the VW T2 camper van from Lego will be available in relevant shops and online. It costs 160 euros - which is currently slightly more than the T1 kits that are currently available on the Internet for around 150 euros. By the way: Competitor Playmobil now also has a T1 camper on offer . It only costs 50 euros, but of course it doesn't offer the fun of assembling it.


It doesn't always have to be a sports car, powerful off-roader or heavy truck: even a camper van promises long-lasting fun when presented as a Lego kit. Some Bulli fans might even put it in the miniature garage side by side with its red predecessor – and possibly even next to its Middle Franconian competitor.


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