LED retrofit for British and Japanese classic cars

The new compatibility list for retrofit LED lights now also includes British and Japanese classics. However, the bright light has a downside.

There are a lot of sayings about electrical components from the British company Lucas (whose trademark rights now belong to ZF), such as the unofficial motto "Get home before darkness", "Inventor of the first interval wiper" or the "first immobilizer" . In any case, standard Lucas-equipped British vehicles were not known for their long-distance vision, nor for their nighttime luminosity. But that is now changing for some models.

LED not compatible with H license plates

Because Osram recently expanded its compatibility list of LED bulbs to include the first classics - and initially they were all British. In a second round of updates, classic cars from Japan, more precisely from Toyota, were also added to the list. The Night Breaker LED replace the old H4 bulbs and immediately provide a clear view at night and in fog. Simply compare the headlight approval number at Osram in the list and download the general type approval. This must be carried with you. However, according to a GTÜ expert, a conversion to LED light is only legal for cars that do not have an H license plate . Because then only contemporary conversions are allowed - as a rule, these are, for example, the conversion from 6 to 12 volt technology or the installation of H4 instead of Bilux bulbs. A work instruction from the expert organizations explicitly forbids the use of LED lights in a vehicle with a historic license plate.

However, these work instructions, which are binding for all experts, are older than the LED lamps. It is quite possible that retrofitting will soon be an issue. Until then, the following applies: either H on the license plate or LED in the headlight.

>>> Here you can order the new Osram Night Breaker LED in H4 format! >>> Here you can order the new Osram Night Breaker LED in H7 format!

Currently, Osram offers a general type approval for the following classics:

  • Land Rover, built in 1948–1984
  • Land Rover Defender, built in 1984–2016 Mini, built in 1959–2000 Range Rover, built in 1970– 1996
  • Morgan 4/4 2009-2019
  • Morgan Plus 8 1968-2004, 2012-18
  • Morgan Roadster 2004-2019
  • Toyota Corolla 1974-1980
  • Toyota Cress ida, year of construction 1977-1981
  • Toyota Hiace 1977-1989
  • Toyota Land Cruiser J6 1980-1990
  • Toyota Land Cruiser J7 1984-2006
  • Toyota LiteAce/TownAce 1979-1985
  • toyota starlets, 1978-1980
  • Triumph Spitfire 1962-1980
  • Triumph TR5 1967-1968
  • Triumph TR6 1968-1976
  • Triumph TR7 1975-1980
  • Conclusion

    The new retrofit LED light compatibility list now also includes some classics of British and Japanese origin, which are now given a brighter light. However, strictly speaking, cars with an H license plate are excluded from retrofitting. If you want to convert, you should definitely check with an expert beforehand whether the criteria for an H license plate are still met after the conversion.


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