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Jaguar XJ6 (X 300) driving report: 4-liter luxury luxury cat from € 5,000

Arturo Rivas
Jaguar XJ 6 (X 300) driving report
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The big Jaguar gets optically his dignity back

D he Jaguar XJ 6 (X 300) is almost like the face of his grandfather, the great XJ 6. Because he - finally! - is allowed to wear double headlights again instead of these rectangular glass blocks, with which its direct predecessor, the angular XJ 40, which once terrified Jaguar fans.

Its rectangular rear lights in stylistically questionable smoked glass optics - also discarded. Replaced by inwardly tapering lamps, which give the finely drawn rear end the necessary dignity. Only in the middle is the Jaguar XJ 6 presented in 1994 and known internally as the X 300, formally an XJ 40. Strictly speaking, that doesn't bother anyone because they are finally allowed to roll down the streets again in full possession of the brand's typical elegance. Just like the rest of the world was once used to from a gentlemanly XJ 6.

Jaguar XJ 6 with 'Retrolutionary Styling'

The company describes this new Jaguar XJ as 'Retrolutionary Styling' - Total package - which should mean something like progress through tradition. No matter. In any case, the crude 80s design is finally over, from now on soft, elegant radii dominate again.

Just the gentle waves of the Jaguar XJ 6 (X 300) on the bonnet, the In the front line, like eyelids arching over the lamps, already act like balm for the souls of long-suffering Jaguar traditionalists, who somehow tolerated an XJ 40, but could never really accept it. And the worst feared when Ford took over the English luxury brand in 1990.

A lot of money from Ford

In the case of the Jaguar XJ 6 (X 300) so great relief. Tradition and style are preserved, the fingerprints of the US company are difficult to make out, at least at first glance. Ford has digged pretty deep into the coffers to ensure the continued existence of the elegant Jaguar limousines. The equivalent of around 500 million marks should have been necessary to eradicate at least the largest problem areas of the XJ series. Gap in the body, for example. Or the still inadequate rust prevention.

A completely new drive does not seem to be necessary for the Jaguar XJ 6 (X 300) for the new company management. Itremains with the proven double-camshaft in-line six-cylinder engines with 3.2 and 4.0 liters displacement, which, however, have to endure a few basic modifications such as optimized camshafts, new pistons and improved engine management. And with a new type designation stamped in the light metal housing: AJ6 becomes AJ16.

Power injection and compressor version with 320 PS

A few additional PS jump out on top of that: The 3.2-liter now makes 211 PS (previously 200 PS), and the 4.0 increases from 222 to 241 PS. In the Jaguar XJR, which is also newly presented, a compressor blows the power of the six-cylinder engine up to 320 hp - so this engine is now a sportier alternative to the comfort-oriented, 311 hp twelve-cylinder that remains unchanged in the range.

Yes The real theme of a Jaguar XJ 6 is security, especially when the car - like the red photo model - bears the fine surname Vanden Plas. A wellness oasis including 12.5 centimeters more wheelbase, plenty of chrome jewelry and such pleasant extras for the passengers in the second row, such as folding tables, which, like the instrument panel or the door panels, have a high-quality burl veneer.

No Jaguar XJ offers more comfort than the US version

'No other Jaguar XJ version offers more comfort,' enthuses owner Bence Mélykúti, who owns the 1995 US model - took Freiburg back to his adopted home in southern Germany after studying in California.

The man now knows the problem areas of his Jaguar XJ 6 (X 300) very well and, after many years, knows how to differentiate between ailments and disasters . The fact that the car drained the battery again after just a few days of idle time or that the temperature sensor of the air conditioning system from the Japanese supplier Nippon Denso, which was installed by Ford at the time, can hardly distinguish between warm and hot, does not really disturb Mélykúti. It is enough to know that the heart of the car, the 4.0-liter six-cylinder, is difficult to shake in its foundations.

Fine Empire style

We take a seat in this refuge in the noble Empire style, which already has a cruise control as well as an electric steering wheel and seat adjustment and of course completely lined with the finest Connolly leather is. In the Jaguar XJ 6 (X 300), the driver and passenger alike sit comfortably, but unusually deep, almost like in a sports car.

The pilot's right arm immediately rests on a wide cushion above the center console, from which the automatic selector lever also protrudes. Four gear steps are available to increase the power of theTo convert straight six into propulsion. The fact that the engine of the Jaguar XJ 6 (X 300) is already running at idle can hardly be heard on the leather-covered steering wheel.

Levitation-like state with acoustic decoupling

The fat Jaguar XJ 6 (X 300) glides up and away in the next moment, as if it were bedded on an air cushion, and not even the rolling noises penetrate into the cabin. As in the previous models, the front and rear axles are each mounted in a subframe, which seals off the crew from almost any unevenness. Only the gear changes interrupt this floating state with a barely noticeable jolt.

Even at higher engine speeds, this brilliant six-cylinder under the heavy bonnet never loses its manners, impresses with its high revving as well as its pulling power. Now at the latest it can happen: you succumb to the essence of a Jaguar XJ 6 of the fifth generation - unless this has already happened before looking into the round headlights.

This is how much a Jaguar XJ6 (X 300)

Classic-Analytics listed the Jaguar XJ 6 (X 300) in state 2 at 7,900 euros. There are already 4 copies of the condition for around 1,800 euros upwards, but a decent reserve cushion should be planned for. An X 300 with blemishes that is suitable for everyday use costs around 5,000 euros.


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