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Jaguar XJ-SC
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A over instead of a full-fledged convertible with a folding top like the E-Type Only a mild breeze was blowing through the cumbersome construction: The open version of the Jaguar XJ-S had a two-part, removable roof, a roll bar at the level of the B-pillar and a folding fabric hood for the rear part.

Not a bestseller: Just over Jaguar was able to sell 5,000 copies in the roughly 5 years of production. The straight six-cylinder is the much rarer model!

6- or 12-cylinder?

With this concept, the Jaguar XJ-SC fits perfectly into its time as the British ambassador. In addition to the roof, the Coventry-based manufacturer also surprised people under the bonnet: Instead of the V12 as the drive source, Jaguar initially only offered the 225 hp 3.6-liter six-cylinder For a more modest performance, the recommended engine for a classic: In contrast to the twelve-cylinder offered from 1985, maintenance costs can be kept under control more easily.

Jaguar built fewer copies of this DOHC in-line six-cylinder than of the twelve-cylinder. The supply of cars with this injection engine is correspondingly small today. Sports car fans of the brand still need a lot of patience today.

The wide bracket was necessary to give the separated body of the XJ-S sufficient stability.

The roof halves weigh 26 kg each

It also takes some time to get the closed XJ-SC into the To transform the fresh air version: The two hardtop parts, each weighing 26 kilograms, above the driver and passenger seats are lifted out and put in a bag in the trunk thaw.

Then the rear fabric hood is stowed under a tarpaulin. Attention: The rear side windows cannot be countersunk.

Recommended engine: 3.6-liter in-line six-cylinder with powerful 225 hp.

This is how much a Jaguar XJ-SC costs

The prices are pleasingly low. A Jaguar XJ-SC with in-line six-cylinder in good condition costs around 13,000 euros, in condition 4 from around 3,900 euros. If it is to be the V12, the acquisition costs are significantly higher - 29,000 and 8,200 euros respectively. But the difference only becomes really big in terms of upkeep and maintenance costs. That's not the only reason why we recommend the 3.6-liter engine.


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