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Jaguar XJ 6, XJ 12 Series III: purchase advice, prices, weaknesses

Hardy Mutschler
Jaguar XJ 6, XJ 12 Series III (1979 to 1992)
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S you are It is popular to talk about large Jaguar limousines that are cheap to buy, expensive to maintain and difficult to repair. You should always have two ready because one is always in the workshop. Aha. Have we really followed all the clich├ęs now? Let's take a closer look, because the Series 3 sedans deserve a closer look.

Pininfarina design and injection system

Two key features differentiate the Jaguar XJ Series III from its predecessor , the Seris II: The body had been stylistically revised by Pininfarina and the 4.2-liter six-cylinder had an injection system instead of a carburetor. That helped the performance on the jumps: Jaguar now gave 250 instead of 168 DIN PS. The in-line six-cylinder is based on the XK engine, the construction of the rear axle with subframe and internal brake discs is related to that in the E-Type.

Elaborate construction, high comfort

Hardy Mutschler
Noble ambience: root wood and leather in XJ12.

The elaborate construction offers a high level of comfort, but requires careful maintenance - and a little more effort when changing the brake discs. Of course, this applies even more to work on the 12-cylinder engine. It is not uncommon for some owners to postpone costly routine tasks such as changing the spark plugs or adjusting the valve clearance or driving the Jaguar longer than it was good for. Because the six-cylinder is a long-stroke engine and the 12-cylinder creates a lot of heat under the elegant hood. Both of these can lead to stress on the engine that will later take revenge. If the jaguar runs and is well maintained, it compensates with a gentle oneComfort and a noble interior. The whole thing is available for the price of a new compact - but not for its maintenance costs. The quality also got better in the mid-80s. Nevertheless, today it is worth taking a closer look when buying. It's the same with prejudice, by the way.


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