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D he Online parking space is probably the best invention since there were used car exchanges on the Internet. Here you will often find real exotic cars and the real car enthusiasts. And with some of them, there are definitely some copies of the following exotic imports, which are the icing on the cake for portals like in the otherwise monotonous used car soup.

Ford Crown Victoria

It There is hardly a Hollywood thriller of the nineties and noughties in which the notchback sedan does not appear. The Crown Victoria was the classic taxi, police or authority vehicle at that time and is still very present on the US roads today. There also seems to be a market for the V8 four-door in Germany. currently has 37 offers, many of them still wearing their former police or taxi uniform. The price range extends from 5,500 to 15,500 euros.

Chevrolet SSR

Anyone who thinks the pick-up convertible niche is still vacant will see the Chevrolet SSR wrong. The two-seater is reminiscent of classic Chevys from the 40s and 50s and has a foldable metal roof. Despite extensive marketing - the SSR was used as a pace car for the Indianapolis 500, for example - this crossover was not a great success. Between 2003 and 2006, only a good 24,000 copies were made. You can currently buy 16 of them at - at prices between 21,500 and 39,000 euros.

Plymouth Prowler

This expressive body actually contains high-volume technology.

You are in the mood for retro , right? Then the Plymouth Prowler is recommended to you. This homage to classic hot rods, produced around the turn of the millennium, is currently represented 18 times on Not even 12,000 copieswere built; the last of them emerged as Chrysler Prowler after the Plymouth brand disappeared from the scene. The reason for the unsuccessfulness was probably not just the polarizing design. The 3.5-liter V6 large-scale production engine with four-speed automatic transmission that does not really match the expressive exterior in terms of power output and emotionality may have deterred some interested parties. Today the Prowler is traded at self-confident prices (26,800 to 53,900 euros).

Ford Thunderbird

In 2002 Ford reissued the Thunderbird. But a quick look is enough to see: Stylistically, the new one cannot even begin to keep up with the classic Birds. That's why sales never really took off, until 2005 only a good 55,000 Thunderbirds of the eleventh generation were made. Not even the popularity push from Halle Berry, who drove the convertible provided by sponsor Ford in the James Bond film “Die Another Day”, didn't help. The range at is quite thin: The eight cars available cost between 14,800 and 20,900 euros.

Mercury Capri

A Capri from the Ford universe as an exotic import? How can that be? Quite simply: By not treating the popular European coupé, but rather the namesake from Australia that was manufactured between 1990 and 1996. Behind it is a front-wheel drive roadster with a maximum of 136 hp, which was marketed as Ford on the home market, but as Mercury in the USA. currently has four copies: three automobile construction sites for 1,200 to 3,000 euros and a pretty nice Last Edition Capri for 7,500 euros.

Ford Excursion

SUV? Pick up? The Ford Excursion is both. In 2000, Ford thought it was a great idea to put an SUV body over the chassis of the F-series heavy-duty pick-ups. The result was a 5.76-meter colossus with a martial appearance, but which only had limited off-road capabilities. But the cubic capacities had hardly any upper limits: From 5.4 to 7.3 liters, as V8 and V10 and as gasoline or diesel, everything was included. The excursion was just not particularly successful. After six years, Ford ended the experiment and discontinued the series. At least a few copies made it to Europe. offers nine of them at prices between 9,000 and 30,000 euros - including some stretch versions.

Infiniti QX

The first generation of the Infiniti QX56 was built from 2004 to 2010.

Infiniti will soon withdraw from Western Europe. Anyone who drives a model from Nissan luxury brand will soon be even more exotic on the road than already. But why not take it to the extreme and choose an Infiniti that was never officially offered in Europe? The QX56, a luxury SUV based on the Nissan Armada or Patrol, produced in two generations from 2004 to 2017, is ideal. Anyone who chooses a copy from the first generation comes out as a real individualist: Congratulations to anyone who can handle the idiosyncratic design around the C-pillar. There are currently eight QX56 on; they cost between 12,800 and 34,900 euros.

Toyota Tundra

The Toyota Tundra also belongs to the “proper Japanese” category. A full-blown pick-up that has been attacking the US classics Ford F-150, Chevrolet Silverado, Ram 1500 and its offshoots on their home market since 1999. The sales figures are impressive and are stable in six figures. Some Tundras have also made it to Europe: has 51 copies that are offered at prices between 7,000 and 86,600 euros. The expensive ones, however, are completely overpriced imported new cars. For comparison: In the USA, the Tundra starts at $ 31,520 (just under 28,000 euros).

Ford F-150 Raptor

Also a pick-up, but more fun than work the Ford F-150 Raptor. The sporty version of the US bestseller was originally designed for desert races in the south of the USA, but has long been a popular model version and a tuning object that is always popular. The fan base in Europe is large, enthusiastic and apparently quite solvent: The 56 copies to be found on cost between 30,000 and 125,000 euros - with various tuners also having a hand in some of these cars.

Peugeot 301

Wait a minute ... A pre-war car in this combination? That really doesn't fit! Right. Therefore, this is the compact sedan that came onto the market in 2012 - 80 years after the original Peugeot 301 - as a sister model of the Citroën Elysee. Not in Western Europe, however, but in North Africa, Southern and Eastern Europe. currently has eight copies. Incidentally, one is the original 301 from 1932, which at just under 30,000 euros is significantly more expensive than its descendants. They are between 5,000 and - as a new car - 13,400 euros.

Volvo 780

This Sweden coupé is something for automotive gourmets - and raises the question of which strange trip the Volvo is on -Sales in the late eightieswas. That the USA was intended as the main sales market for the 780 makes sense. But it is surprising that in Western Europe only Switzerland, Austria, Spain and Italy were chosen as official export markets. In this respect, it is hardly surprising that only a good 8,500 copies of the Bertone Coupé were sold, which was certainly also due to the price of around 100,000 marks. Today one of the most beautiful Volvos ever built is much more affordable. only presents six cars, but they only cost between 3,650 and 15,000 euros. Similar to the price, of course, condition and mileage vary.

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