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GTÜ defect rate 2018: The 30 most reliable classic cars

GTÜ deficiency quota 2018
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A Old cars are chronically unreliable? The Society for Technical Monitoring (GTÜ) comes to a different conclusion. “Most of the time, the old treasures are in good shape and usually show no or only a few technical defects,” according to an evaluation that the auditing company recently presented at the Retro Classic. More than half of all cars with H license plates (54.3 percent) pass the general inspection (HU) at the first attempt. The quota of those classic cars that show absolutely no defects is over 50 percent. That means: Compared to vehicles without an H license plate, the old cars have around ten percent fewer defects.

Exclusive evaluation for auto motor und sport

But we wanted to know: which ones Are oldies the most reliable? To find out, the GTÜ went deep into the results of its tests and created deficiency statistics for classic cars exclusively for auto motor und sport - with clear results at the top.

Only the Swabians cavort there Brands. At the very top is Porsche with the 911 Carrera, which passes the test in 79 percent of all cases without a defect. Mercedes is on the other podium places with the 300 SL (76 percent) and the 230 SL (73 percent). This is followed by the Porsche models 911 SC and 944. The first non-Swabian is the VW Golf GTI in sixth place (65 percent).

German cars with high long-term quality

In general, that is GTÜ evaluation but proof of the long-term quality of German cars. The top 20 are made up of models from Porsche, Daimler-Benz, Volkswagen and BMW alone. Only in 23rd place is the Trabant 601 (52 percent), which of course also comes from German production - albeit from East German. The first real import car is the Citroën 2 CV; the duck comes to exactly 50 percent and thus in 27th place.

However, there are a few things to consider when interpreting the numbers. First of all: The deadline for the first registration of the evaluated cars was January 1st, 1989. During the evaluation, the GTÜ summarized all model generations that were sold under the same model name before this deadline. This means that the VW Golf GTI is the generation from 1976 as well as from 1984. The same applies to the BMW models 318i and 320i, which are rated both as E21 and E30. And both the corresponding model variants of the Pagoda and the R 107 are subsumed under Mercedes 280 SL.


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