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GMC Sierra Classic in the driving report: The GMC for all cases

Mutschler, Hardy
GMC Sierra Classic in the driving report
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H alle /Westphalia is not necessarily the place where you would set up an outdoor bathtub. Not only when it comes to temperatures, the place lacks a bit of Hollywood flair. On the other hand, I meet the greatest Hollywood automotive hero of my childhood there. In elementary school, our dream cars weren't Ferrari or Porsche, but a brown and gold truck. Hardly anything has changed about that to this day.

Were Iody's jeans just painted on?

The car, a GMC Sierra Classic of the 15-year-old K-Series belonged to Colt Seavers, played by Lee Majors in the US series' A Colt for Any Occasion '. We replayed the episodes during school breaks, speaking of Colt with respect. If we had met him on the street, we would not have addressed our star by first name, but rather 'Mr. Seavers'. Colt is still a role model, teaches friendship and helpfulness. As a stuntman, without any particular luck with women, he has to share the house with his half-knowing cousin Howie Munson and, if he doesn't get any stunts, hire it as a bounty hunter. his wooden house in the mountains of Hollywood with an open-air bathtub or his assistant Jody Banks. Heather Thomas wore jeans as Jody, as tight as if they were painted on. When she wiggled through the swinging salon door in the opening credits in a mint-colored bikini, we boys suspected that girls would not stay dumb and uninteresting forever.

GMC Sierra Classic - short inside, huge outside

Not only because of Jody you never missed the opening credits. Lee Majors sang the song of the 'Unknown Stuntman' while cars exploded or crashed into ravines, an airplane crashed into a barn and the brown and gold GMC Sierra Classic jumped over a Porsche 911. In his stunts Colt shot cars without blinking an eyelid, but he guarded his own. Accordingly, I humbly approach the GMC, which has the wrong grill of the identical Chevrolet Silverado. The doors crack open with the same noise as in the film and have to be thundered shut.

A bonnet, the size of a table tennis table, extends forward from the raised driver's position. At the back there is a loading areain swimming pool format. I'm sitting in the broom closet-sized driver's cab in between, on the three-seater couch. It's hard to get my feet under because the cabin of the GMC Sierra Classic is cut so short. On the other hand, it is so wide that I can barely rest my left elbow on the window frame. The cockpit surprises with a pull lever for the light, a slider for the wipers and carefully hidden and, as a precaution, unlabelled pushbuttons for the preheat and horn. Shaggy cockpit fur and a tiny steering wheel spoil our GMC Sierra Classic.

The GMC pick-up is spreading

It can be turned with a finger thanks to the extreme servo. And when the weather is clear, the four corner points of the body can be seen from the wheel in the distance. But the GMC Sierra Classic driver would do well with a tractor to get out of the parking space. On narrow streets, the pick-up hangs halfway on the left in oncoming traffic and kicks the garbage cans off the sidewalk on the right. But nobody dares to honk Colt's car. Pure respect. Not even a sprinter courier driver dares to cut in in front of the GMC Sierra Classic.

I have no nonsense on my mind. Colt was always careful about his stunts. He wore no more than the constant, plaster-covered scratch on his forehead. In any case, there were never any deaths in 'A Colt for All Cases'. Even if someone fell from a helicopter, a couple of gauze bandages were enough to treat the wound. The highlight of each of the 113 episodes was always a car chase, mostly with cars and often with the GMC Sierra Classic. Colt of course only drove it in drifts. The Sierra likes that.

6.2-liter V8 diesel with 133 hp

What is less due to outstanding motor power than much more to outstandingly poor traction. Under the GMC Sierra hood is a gruff diesel engine with a ridiculous 133 hp. But also with a volume of 6.2 liters, 326 Newton meters and eight cylinders. When driving normally, the V8 turns so low that the engine is briefly silent after each ignition process. That only changes when the Colt Seavers starts: Left foot on the brake, steering wheel selector lever on D, right foot on the gas. 2,000 tours until the GMC Sierra Classic bucks. Let the brake click.

And then nothing happens. The truck is standing. The engine gurgles, though, rolling its torque over the cardan shaft to the rear axle. But she doesn't really know where to put the strength. In any case, the wide rear tires feel overwhelmed with their performance due to the lack of traction-promoting weight on the rear axle and spin. The GMC Sierra Classic only slowly grinds forwards when the gas is removed or the automatic shifts into second gear. Not spirited. The large GMC Sierra Classic rolls imperiously on the streets, avoids suspension comfort and happily slurps from the two diesel tanks on the left and right of theThe sides of the platform are lying.

The straight-line stability of the GMC Sierra Classic is well-mannered if you don't constantly correct it. Colt's car finds its way. The fear of being disappointed by my series hero after 20 years of enthusiasm in reality was great. But unfounded. The K-Series Sierra is even bigger than hoped. Now I was supposed to tile with him through the shop window into the display of a furniture store, then mischievously put in reverse and continue chasing after a bailiff. I would certainly get my mouth polished one day, but in the end Jody would let me run the water into my open-air bathtub. Even if only in Halle /Westphalia and if only for one day: once I'm Colt. During the primary school breaks I was only allowed to play Howie.


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