Ford Sierra RS500 Cosworth achieves record price

In England, a Ford Sierra RS500 Cosworth sets a new record: the cult car from 1987 fetches 670,000 euros. This means that the auction price is half a million euros more than the previously estimated price.

Even before the auction on February 25, 2023, Silverstone Auctions estimated the value of the Ford Sierra at around 170,000 euros. But the price that has now been achieved is beyond imagination. The new owner paid an unbelievable £596,250 for the RS500 Cosworth. That's the equivalent of more than 670,000 euros and a lone record. In 2022, the same car fetched around 150,000 euros at Silverstone Auctions and was the record holder until now.

The buyer's heart probably beat faster when he saw this car. With its edges and corners, the cult car fits perfectly into the 80s. Added to this is the negligible mileage for someone in his mid-thirties.

The speedometer shows only 5,192 miles. That's the equivalent of a paltry 8,356 kilometers. The RS500 is practically in new car condition. This is confirmed from the outside and inside. The car takes you on a little journey back in time to the 80s.

In black including chip counter

The Ford is all black. The rear spoiler catches the eye the most. Although rear spoiler is the wrong term. At this sight one might rather associate it with a chip counter. But be careful: Please do not place any bottles or cans on it - this could result in annoying edges on the counter.

In addition to the rear spoiler, the Sierra visually underlines its sportiness with an adapted body. The bonnet has two air intakes, and the modified fender contributes to the more aggressive look. Discreet side skirts and the chic rims round off the 80s style.

227 hp in the Ford Sierra

For the homologation of a Group A touring car, Ford had to build at least 5,000 units of the Ford Sierra RS Cosworth. The automotive giant commissioned the development of the engine from its long-standing partner, the engine manufacturer Cosworth. A total of 500 Ford Sierra RS Cosworth received sporty upgrades. If the designation 500 is in the name, as with the car to be auctioned, it is one of the 500 converted vehicles. This increases the collector's value and the price.

The engine in the Ford is a turbocharged four-cylinder and delivers 227 hp with a maximum torque of 277 Nm. The special Sierra was converted by Aston Martin Tickford. Among other things, the car was given a larger turbocharger, a larger intercooler, an improved fuel pump and an optimized oil and cooling system. The Sierra pushes properly for a sports car via the rear wheels.

Silverstone Auctions states that the current owner had the car regularly serviced at Tremona Garage.In 2022, the same company conducted an extensive inspection. Tremona gave the classic car new engine oil and filter, new spark plugs, a new fuel filter, new spark plugs, a new timing belt and a new battery. As stated in the advertisement for the vehicle, all installed parts are original and are identical in construction to the parts supplied by the factory.

Right-hand drive RS500

Looking inside the car, you immediately notice that the black Ford is right-hand drive. The interior corresponds to that of a Ford from this period. A bit spartan and clear. However, given the low mileage, there are no signs of wear on the fabric seats or on the controls. The slim, black steering wheel with the Ford emblem looks sporty.

All of this convinced the buyer to dig deep into their pockets for the RS500 Cosworth. The previously estimated value of around 170,000 euros did not deter him. With the purchase price of 670,000 euros, the car sets a new record - a Ford Sierra RS500 Cosworth has never been so expensive.


The Ford Sierra RS500 Cosworth auctioned at Silverstone Auctions on February 25 fetches a record sum. The new owner paid an unbelievable 670,000 euros for the cult car. Silverstone Auctions previously estimated the value at around 170,000 euros - half a million euros below the auctioned amount.


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