Ford Mustang SSP State Patrol: veteran Porsche hunter

Ford Mustang SSP State Patrol
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W hen it's all about performance, there are police vehicles in the USA that are significantly more impressive than this Mustang from the 1990s. But in terms of nonchalance, nobody can fool the venerable eight-cylinder veteran. The car is still in office with the Nebraska State Patrol. Well, mostly for parades and no longer for wild chases - after all, every two-liter representative diesel would hit the oldie in the face.

From emergency vehicle to track tool

This old Ford advertisement reveals: The Mustang SSP is a full-time Porsche hunter.

30 years ago, however, 225 hp and 275 Nm of torque were an extremely powerful argument against speeders. Capturing these was the mustang's daily bread on active duty. No barred back seats for transporting inmates - the big limousines can confidently do this job when they arrive. The SSP version (Special Service Package) has a top speed of up to 225 km /h (models from 1989 up to 255 km /h) and has a reinforced chassis, thicker floor panels and more powerful cooling. The authorities were so convinced of this car that a total of 15,000 copies were added to the fleet. Many Foxbody Mustangs that still exist today have either been converted into track tools or in the hands of private collectors.

The small block V8

The five-liter Windsor V8 under the hood has been around since the 1960s Years built in different designs. The small block was available with a displacement of 3.6 to 5.8 liters. In addition to the Mustang, the best-selling F-150 truck and the Explorer SUV were also powered by this unit. Even Carroll Shelby had taken on the machine and from it the enginemade for his Shelby GT350 from 1965.

The Nebraska State Patrol car is no longer in daily use and - as already mentioned - serves more representative purposes. Still, it's cool that the cops there still have such a classic in their team. You can see, for example, what else is in the American police fleet in our picture gallery.


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