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Ford Mustang and Ford Taunus Coupé in the driving report

Hardy Mutschler
Ford Mustang and Ford Taunus
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The two a uto motor und sport - issues 7/1971 and 1/1972: On their front pages, a large-format yellow Ford Taunus Coupé was depicted, which car fans like a sexy cover girl Purchase of the magazine should animate.

Hardy Mutschler
In matters Driving performance a clear picture: The Ford Mustang uses the power of its 5-liter V8 - 233 vs. 108 hp, 421 vs. 176 Nm) and is only 250 kg heavier.

Visually, Taunus is based on the Ford Mustang

Also Since its premiere in 1964, the Ford Mustang has been considered a particularly beautifully designed coupé, especially the second fastback version, available from 1967. It has a gently sloping roof to the rear of the car, while the fastback predecessor including the legendary Shelby GT 350 was knitted on a few centimeters notchback behind the sloping rear window.

Comparable with this, the first Ford Capri is also inconsistent drawn hatchback. The Taunus Coupé is therefore the more impressive alternative to the Mustang Fastback and can be considered the German counterpart of the US model. In addition, their technology is based on a rigid-axle production model - in the Mustang this is the compact Falcon sedan. Most recently, even the V-engines and the 1.6-liter four-cylinder in the Taunus came from the USA, where they were developed for the European market.

108 against 200 HP - is that fair?

Despite everythingRelationship: Of course, in a direct comparison of the performance of the Ford Taunus, with its engine that is just half the size, it is left behind. Its 2.3-liter V6 with 108 hp can hardly compete with the 4.9-liter V8 that is twice as large in the Ford Mustang with 233 SAE hp. But due to its relatively low weight of 1,125 kg (Mustang 1,370 kg), the Cologne handsome did not at least have to fear the German athlete competition of the time. The Taunus 2300 GXL Coupé easily put a 1900 Manta in its pocket, and it was even able to stand up to a BMW 2002 on the autobahn for a certain period of time.

Did the Ford Taunus - like auto motor und sport usual - in tough conditions, the Cologne-based man demonstrated real muscle car qualities: 'Strong acceleration in the lower two gears often causes the drive wheels to spin, even on firm ground.' Even in fast corners, the Cologne-based man showed more American virtues and came out as an understeer, 'who is nothing more repugnant than being forced around a bend'.

Mustang steering imprecise

Can the Ford Mustang do that better? It seems so, because he tackles corners with more determination - once you have got used to the imprecise steering in the middle position. Otherwise, the Leichtfuß Taunus looks almost like a small car, while the heavy, lavishly motorized Mustang requires a little more attention. Incidentally, both photo coupés have significantly wider tires than the modest series format.

But we don't want to contest the 12 Hours of Sebring with the fabulous Ford Mustang, but rather their qualities as stylish sports coupés for occasional pleasure tours explore. The 68 Mustang scores with its wider interior and the round instruments and switches from the chrome era, the housings of which in the Taunus Coupé have already been replaced by black plastic with silver-colored decorative lines.

Hardy Mutschler
Fastback from America and Germany: With the Taunus Coupé, the swing of the hips is not so sexy, but it wears vinyl.

Taunus offers more space at the back

The dashboard of the Ford Taunus, which retreats towards the vehicle floor, is optically based strongly on the Mustang interior from 1969 onwards Ford Taunus, the switches and ventilation grille placed somewhat clumsily in the narrow wooden trim.

The seating position behind the steering wheels with indicated (Ford Taunus) and real holes (Ford Mustang) is comparable: only a moderate view of the hoods , overall slightly lower and with more headroom in the Mustang. At the rear, however, the Taunus offers significantly more space. Even two adults can sit on the comfortable rear bench, which is shaped like two individual seats. The Taunus Coupé has the same external dimensions as the sedan, but is three centimeters lower.

On the road, the famous Fords come closer again and demonstrate their sovereign strength ft as relaxed as Dirk Nowitzki in his wonderful commercials: step on the gas, shift up early and then just rock casually with your right foot - dibadibadu!

Hardy Mutschler
The best argument for the Ford Mustang: 5-liter V8 with 421 Nm at 2,800 rpm.

That's how much the Ford Mustang and Ford

So uh After all, they are visually different, so are they rated in the buyer's favor. According to Classic Analytics, the Ford Mustang costs around 33,000 euros in good condition, the Ford Taunus Coupé around 9,000 euros. In state 4, around 12,000 or 2,500 euros are due.

However, depending on availability or availability, the opposite is true. The range of Ford Mustangs is significantly larger than that of the Ford Taunus Coupés. Most of them are in firm hands, many of which have been pressed into blocks over the past few decades. The Mustang was mostly spared fate - the car was already considered a statement of cool engine power in Germany during its production times.


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