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Ferrari Testa Rossa J electric children's car by The Little Car Company

The 1957 250 Testa Rossa is a particularly iconic Ferrari model. The Little Car Company is now launching a 75 percent scale children's car. However, the price is very adult.

The topic of promoting young talent seems to be a matter close to the heart of the luxury brands among international car manufacturers. McLaren now has a complete range of electrically powered children's cars . Bugatti recently introduced the new edition of the Bébé after a lot of PR fanfare . And now Ferrari is coming up with the Testa Rossa J.

The project of the Italians is comparable to that of the Alsatians. An iconic historic racing car (Bugatti Type 35 and Ferrari 250 Testa Rossa) serves as a template, which has been shrunk to 75 percent of its original size and is powered by an electric drive. The parallels are no coincidence: in both cases, the luxury brands work together with the British company The Little Car Company.

Help with design and development

Ferrari not only licensed but also contributed to the development of the Testa Rossa J on several levels. The in-house styling center in Maranello was responsible for the proportions and paintwork, while the chassis and other components were constructed from original drawings from the Classiche department. After all, the Testa Rossa J should correspond to the original from 1957 in as many details as possible. And that's none other than a four-time Le Mans winner.

The junior derivative not only has perfectly reproduced lines adapted to the size (3.10 meters long, 1.10 meters wide and 70 centimeters high). Its body is handcrafted from aluminum – as was the case with racing cars in the past. This stretches over a chassis that was built according to the original drawings; consequently, the steering and the suspension geometry correspond to the prototype. The paintwork is also used on the current Ferrari models, as are the emblems.

The Testa Rossa J shows the same attention to detail on the inside. Like the classic car worth millions, it has a Nardi steering wheel made of aluminum and wood, which makes it easier to get in and out thanks to the quick-release fastener. The instruments present scales adapted to the electric drive, but also the original design including fonts. The Little Car Company and Ferrari deliver the Testa Rossa J with two interchangeable seats: one fits children and the other fits adult drivers. The leather is used in the current products from Maranello, and its processing is based on the Testa Rossa model.

One electric motor, three batteries

Three batteries provide the necessary power for the electric motor, which is accelerated or braked with the pedals of the F8 Tributo.The batteries are under the front hood; Electricity, on the other hand, is refueled where the Testa Rossa is otherwise supplied with petrol. The range is up to 90 kilometers, but depends heavily on the driving style. Anyone who is often on the road in entry-level mode can manage a maximum of 20 km/h with the 1 kW (1.36 hp) Testa Rossa J. In the comfort setting, the Ferrari is four kW (5.4 hp) strong and up to 45 km/h fast. In sport and racing mode, the Testa Rossa J releases between ten and twelve kW (13.6 to 16.3 hp) and thus reaches over 60 km/h in each case. As with a real Ferrari, the modes can be set using a "Manettino" controller. In addition, the drive can recover braking energy through recuperation.

Ferrari claims the Testa Rossa J's handling has been tuned by the brand's official test drivers at the Fiorano circuit. Bilstein supplies an adjustable coilover suspension for the children's car, while the twelve-inch spoked wheels are encased in Pirelli Cinturato tires. Instead of drum brakes like the original, the Testa Rossa J has a modern disc brake system from Brembo including a hydraulic handbrake. Safety is further enhanced by the bodywork that is reinforced on the sides and an optional roll bar.

Speaking of which: Like every Ferrari, this one can also be extensively customized. The Italians offer 14 historic paint finishes in which the prototype used to race. There are also 53 normal body colors and the option of having the Testa Rossa J designed with a personalized racing livery. You can even order authentic Borrani wheels for the Testa Rossa J for an extra charge. The whole thing can be put together using a genuine configurator.

The price? 93,000 euros net!

It comes as little surprise that such a vehicle is not available for the normal toy car tariff. Nevertheless, 93,000 euros plus country-specific tax (110,670 euros in Germany) is a strong announcement from the cooperation partners. The Testa Rossa J is limited to 299 pieces and is suitable for people aged 14 and over. However, it is not approved for road traffic.


One thing is clear: There are a lot of real cars for 110,000 euros, including many sports cars, vintage cars or even sporty vintage cars. A Ferrari at this rate is only available on the used car market. And the original 250 Testa Rossa is significantly more expensive: in 2014, a copy found a new owner for 24.1 million British pounds (currently around 28.5 million euros).


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