Everyday classic VW T3: space for everyone in the van

Arturo Rivas
Everyday classics VW T3 1.6 TD
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W Less than four percent of Germans speak loudly Microcensus 2005 three or more children - but help can also be given to them, provided that they not only want to stand out on the basis of the number of children, but also by choosing a classic car.

They end up looking for a suitable vehicle Families as well as many friends of sporting leisure activities sooner or later with the VW Transporter. T1 and T2 are often not financially achievable, the T4 still needs a few years to mature. The T3 remains. Although his prices have risen sharply in recent years, there are still affordable candidates.

The T3 Bulli is the automotive legendary woolly milk pig

The price development is quite understandable , because the VW T3 comes very close to the much-touted egg-laying woolly milk pig - suitable for everyday use and universally applicable, plus a representative of real driving fun, a car with guaranteed classic status and last but not least a classless popular figure like its predecessors. The downside becomes clear when looking at the online portals and classifieds: Anyone interested in a well-equipped VW T3 as an everyday classic must expect many others who have also identified the advantages of the T3 and want to surf the wave of Bulli success . Well-maintained Multivans and Caravelles often break the 10,000 euro mark - even with odometer readings well beyond 200,000 km.

This means that when looking for affordable VW T3s for everyday life, especially on Ex - Authority vehicles, company cars or, as in our case, have to fall back on a team van of the youth fire brigade - these cars are usually still affordable for young families and often have a manageable mileage.

ABS, ESP and crumple zone - of course, nonexistent

Of course, as with every classic, compromises have to be made in terms of safety. The state of the art corresponds to the 1970s, when side impact protection, safety passenger cells and assistance systems were - if at all - only known in the luxury class. The fact is that there is no ABS in most VW T3s, no ESP in any and no crumple zone worth mentioning. The brakes drum behind, airbags only got the successor T4. But that's not for classic car enthusiastsSurprise. If you can come to terms with it, the T3 is a car that is fun for everyone on the way to kindergarten.

Because the VW T3 can do everything that makes an everyday car: the child seats are fitted in no time , the stroller does not have to be folded up, and the parents are also in their seats in no time. Once boarded, a new world opens up for everyone; the square meter laid glass surfaces in the passing game with the narrow pillars and the high seating position bring a perfect clarity and new perspectives. The compact dimensions in connection with a surprisingly small turning circle ensure admiring glances when parking. For the record: A current Ford Galaxy is around 25 cm, a VW Sharan 28 cm and a 5 Series BMW up to 43 cm longer than a T3. And they all offer significantly less space than the square sheet metal box.

Ideal use of space

The barn door opens from the tailgate in the VW T3 an ergonomically perfectly arranged luggage compartment. The loading area is at step height, so the vegetables can be lifted directly from the shopping cart into the trunk. The sliding door, which clears the way if you have to act quickly, is also practical. Pee breaks and the arrival at the grandparents expected for 330 km with constant “When are we finally here?” Inquiries - everything can be resolved in the shortest possible time. Open the door, hum A-Team tune, everyone out, the door closed. And dad can park in peace.

On arrival, however, you also have to rest in yourself, because the ideal travel speed is a leisurely 100 to 115 km /h. The main reason is the acoustics of the tonally poorly balanced T3 concert hall. The driver and front passenger sit around four meters from the engine in the rear, but the rear passengers hear the TD crescendo at full volume when accelerating and under full load on the mountain.

You want who can be the loudest then don't try again. Earplugs for everyone are an only partially useful alternative. Then enjoy the beautiful landscape at the speed of the federal road.

Driving pleasure thanks to the rear engine, low consumption

In modern traffic By the way, you always keep up well. The excellent chassis and the good weight distribution allow the VW T3 to get out of the curve as quickly as it is in it. You can round off your driving style with a T3 at the latest. Speaking of weight: the VW T3 can handle a lot of payload. Even the official value of one ton and one hundredweight makes the T3 shine when building a house, moving or annual vacation.

The 70 HP turbodiesel installed in our photo T3 is known to be a bit sensitive to heat, but it doesn’t good care in knowledgeable hands and the mentioned leisurely pace his tasks inconspicuously andquite reliable. The sub-square design of the TD introduced in 1985 ensures pleasant elasticity, the KKK charger for good pulling power from 1,450 rpm - and low fuel consumption. On average, the JX turbo diesel manages with 8 to 10 liters: absolutely acceptable for the wall unit T3.

Expensive conversion for green Badge

The prices of the T3 diesel engines also vary: 'For around 4,000 to 5,000 euros you can find a reasonable VW T3 with a history of the fire brigade or building yard with a little time' , Daniel Ecke, Managing Director of BusChef, gives an insight into the market situation. However, if you are shortlisting one of the diesels that are still free to exhale and relying on a green sticker for your everyday classic, you will have to budget up to 2,500 euros again. According to the corner, this is how much retrofitting with Oxi-Kat and diesel particulate filters costs. Not least because of this, the water boxer gasoline engines are the better alternative for everyday use, but they cost around twice as much.

But the value of a classic is always higher than its cost. The VW T3 is a prime example of this.


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