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Electrical conversion for Renault classic cars R4, R5 and Twingo

R-Fit converts the R4 into an electric car. The retrofit kit should also fit the R5 and Twingo. Renault is showing the classic electric cars from February 2nd to 5th, 2023 during the Rétromobile in Paris.

In cooperation with R-Fit from Cassis in southern France, Renault offers electric conversions for classic cars. First, a retrofit kit for the R4 will be available from February 1, 2023. The conversion of the classic car to electric drive costs from 11,900 euros. A conversion kit for the R5 will follow from September, later a conversion of the Twingo should be possible.

Electrical conversion for R4, R5 and Twingo

The electrical conversion kit consists of a brushless synchronous machine with 14.5 kilowatts continuous power and 48 kW peak power as well as a 10.7 kWh battery pack. The lithium iron phosphate battery charges at 16 amperes from a 220 volt socket. A full charge takes three and a half hours. This allows the R4 to travel about 80 kilometers. The weight distribution remains unchanged. R-Fit gives a two-year guarantee on the drive and battery.

Renault will be showing all three retrofit models at the Rétromobile classic car show in Paris from February 1st to 5th. The conversion is certified by the French Association of Cars, Motorcycles and Bicycles (UTAC) and is eligible for public funding at national and regional level in France. The car will be registered as an electric vehicle after the conversion. "The electric retrofit kit offers the opportunity to be reliable and economical on the road, without depriving the popular and timeless classics of their style and original design," explains Hugues Portron, Director of Originales Renault.


Renault is working with a provider of electric conversions for classic cars and will be presenting the R4, R5 and Twingo with electric drive at its stand during Rétromobile.


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