Electric E-Type: Jaguar with 450 Tesla hp

It obviously has to be English. Because while the restomod forge E.C.D. up to now mainly relied on Land Rover and Range Rover, the Americans are also electrifying icons such as the Jaguar E-Type.

Turn old into new - or at least different. This motto is followed by the huge trend in the restomod scene, which triggers an irrepressible want-to-have effect in some and is simply rejected by some. E.C.D. is also not new to the industry. Automotive Design from Florida, which until now has mainly taken Land Rover Defender and Range Rover under the knife.

Jaguar E-Type with 450 Tesla hp

They recently added another English model to their portfolio: the Jaguar E-Type, which was built between 1961 and 1974. The basic vehicles are E.C.D. from Germany, England and Belgium. The Americans give you either the original straight-six or the V12 with a displacement of 4.2 liters, a five-speed gearbox and an unadulterated oily vintage feeling ("this will come with leaks and all"), a GM small-block V8 (LT1) with 450 hp and Eight-speed automatic as used in the Camaro SS, for example - or a 450 hp electric drive from Tesla.

E.C.D. is silent about the battery size. out of. It is also not known how fast it can be loaded. However, after eight hours at the charging station, the range is around 200 miles (322 km) in the city and 140 miles (225 km) on the highway. After the conversion, the 60-year-old car cannot charge quickly like the technology donor from Freemont.

Everything tailored to customer requirements

In addition to the drive, customers can also choose everything else that the E-Type has to offer when ordering. Whether convertible or coupe, two- or four-seater, fabrics, paint color, decorative seams, carpets, chassis, brakes, navigation and audio systems and everything you would expect from an exclusively hand-built car.

With so much detailed work, it is clear that the delivery times hardly differ from those of current new cars. According to E.C.D. you need 18 months for the entire restoration process. In total, they want to build ten to twelve vehicles per year. This is available to customers from $299,995 (299,247 euros). Incidentally, the prettied Jaguar E Type will be delivered to the first of you in spring 2023 – with the Tesla drive.


A maximum of 12 copies of the revamped E-Type want E.C.D. build per year. It's probably not even possible to do much more than that. On the one hand, because there is a lot of attention to detail and manual work involved in the whole restoration. On the other hand, because the availability of the bodies is limited.


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