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Eifel Classic 2012 - Intermeccanica: athletes with diplomatic genes

Hardy Mutschler
Eifel Classic 2012 - Intermeccanica
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' It is based on the shortened floor pan of the Opel Diplomat. And the DeDion rear axle was simply the most modern thing back then gave ', explains Robert Hehn. He knows his car very well, not least because he was on the lookout for this Intermeccanica Indra for 40 years.

'In the quartet he has defeated everyone back then '

' Whoever had that in the car quartet back then has won against everyone else, 'recalls Hehn,' with its 259 hp it had around twice as much power as the Porsche 911 from back then. ' The mighty and powerful 5.7-liter V8 also saw the end of the sports car from Italy. 'General Motors preferred to sell its own Corvette and not create a competitor in Europe anymore,' says Hehn, 'so Opel was no longer allowed to sell any parts to Intermeccanica.'

The spectacular design of the wedge comes from Franco Scaglione, who among other things also made the style icons Alfa Romeo BAT (Berlinetta Aerodinamica Tecnica) and Alfa Romeo T33 /2 Stradale (Link 1732959). The Italian drew three body variants, first the convertible, followed a year later by a coupé and finally a fastback coupé.

Rare athlete with dubious quality

After around 60 convertibles it was over . Another 65 to 80 vehicles of the coupés were built. 'Many did not survive, the quality was simply miserable, the rust protection almost non-existent, the gaps are terrible and the weld seams are in some cases just sizzling.' But Robert Hehn was very lucky with his first-hand car, which he found at an Opel dealer in Bonn. 'The Intermeccanica Indra were sold by Opel at the time, and the car had only seen this one workshop. The first owner had the car completely dismantled and treated with rust protection immediately. I had it dismantled again after buying it in 2004. Today it is practically rust-free, 'says Hehn happily,' The Indra is also fully suitable for everyday use and problem-free. And with the 259 hp, something is going well, the Porsche only had 130 hp back then. '

Riddle about the origin of the name

The Intermeccanica connoisseur also clears up a widespread legend about the name Indra. In his opinion, the Austrian engineer Fritz Indra has nothing to do with the Intermeccanica Indra. 'Itgives two possible versions of the origin of the name: Either the name goes back to a song by Udo Jürgens, a really terrible hit from the 1970s. Or the Vedic deity of the same name. '

The Intermeccanica brand still exists today and builds replicas of the Kübelwagen and the Porsche 356 Speedster in Vancouver, Canada.

More information is available here : www.intermeccanica.com

All results of the Eifel Classic 2012 are available here.


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