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Eifel Classic 2012 - Group44 E-Type: Burned down and built up

Hardy Mutschler
Eifel Classic 2012 - Group44 E-Type
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T he opportunity arose around eight Years, when Dönni was offered a completely burned-out E-Type. 'Even the carburetor had melted, but we got down to it and started working. Our goal was to have the car ready for the 50th birthday of the E-Type.'

2,000 working hours

The car was optically trimmed for racing in around 2,000 working hours, the V12 is still in its original condition, but the V12's 272 hp should be for sporty Propulsion will also be sufficient.

Dönni made it and one of the first trips was the E-Type 50th Anniversary Tour from Coventry to Genoa. 'We were on winter tires because of the many passes,' remembers the Swiss. Since its completion almost exactly a year ago, the E-Type in the Group 44 regalia has already collected more than 16,000 kilometers.

'A real driving car for connoisseurs - and even a family car for us. We have installed a child seat in the back. But the youngsters are slowly banging their heads on the cage,' says Dönni, who works at the Eifel Classic rides with Markus Höchli under difficult conditions. 'We can only communicate by pointing and gesturing - because of the helmets.'

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