Eifel Classic 2010: With 31 HP on the racetrack

Hardy Mutschler
Eifel Classic 2010
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'If we don't get lost, we can keep up. We also get a 15 minute bonus per day ”- Karin and Horst Musial have no problem with forming the lower end of the performance scale at the Eifel Classic 2010.

Four classic Renaults in the fleet

The two have been die-hard Renault fans for decades and are driving their 11th classic car rally this year. For Karin Musial, the Eifel Classic has its very special charm: 'My grandparents come from the Eifel and I grew up with stories about the region. Now it is particularly nice to experience the area up close again.'

The musials traveled the 600 kilometers on their own. “That goes without any problems, we just wedge ourselves between two trucks and then swim along on the autobahn,” Horst Musial describes the journey. “Actually, we would have preferred to come with our cream sandwich, because it is much more comfortable,” says his wife, “but we would not have come in the field, it only has 21 hp.” This is how the musials in their small Renault fleet are They looked around and opted for the Dauphine. The two currently own four classic cars with the rhombus on the hood: two cream slice 4CVs, one as a rare convertible sedan from 1951, an R4 from 1965 and a Dauphine on the karin Musial graduated from her driving school.

'We bought the Dauphine in 1970 when it was ten years old, and then drove it for ten years before we took it off the road,' says the Solingen-born Horst Musial, who has lived in Switzerland for more than 40 years. 'At that time, the TÜV inspector found too much, the repair was not worth it, and so the Dauphine was mothballed.' Only twelve years later, when it gained veteran status in Switzerland introduced t, the Musials began restoring their Daphine. The technology has been overhauled and the brakes have been completely redone.

The good spare parts supply also helped: 'There are actually no parts problems with the Dauphine, many identical parts can be taken over by the widespread 4CV.' And now hobbyists have also bought a parts warehouse. A coincidence helped: a few years ago the musials refueled at a gas station in Alsace and were approached by a French man. 'He used to have a Renault workshop, so a few weeks later we were in a van from Lake Geneva, around 900 kilometers to himBretagne driven. And the van was well filled on the way back, 'grins Musial.

Driven the Dauphine 6.5 times around the world

The speedometer shows 273,000 kilometers on the little Dauphine You can't tell by looking at it. 'The previous owner had looked after her very well, and she was always in good hands with us,' says Karin Musial happily. The high mileage comes from many foreign assignments as a company car. 'I'm with her often Traveled to the Eastern Bloc on business, to Poland and Romania. I also got to know their hotel qualities, folded you can sleep quite comfortably in it, 'recalls Musial of an incident when he didn't want to pay the hotel porter's baksheesh.' Suddenly all the rooms were occupied, including mine.

And the technology is also robust, true to the motto where there is nothing, nothing can break . 'Even when the alternator failed, we were able to charge the battery for another week without a test drive. The engine was started with a crank, 'says Horst Musial.

The love for Renault is deep, but in between there have been a few foreign-brand excursions.' I once had a Lada, but it rusted faster than him drove. Then there was a Saab 900, but it was soon oxidized away too. Then the reliable Renaults came back. '


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