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E-car Silvretta: Classic meets Future - electric to the summit

MAIRDUMONT /Claudia Werel
E-Auto Silvretta - Classic meets Future 2012
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E in highlight of the E -Auto Silvretta is already the first stage: Oldies and youngsters start in a mixed field and undergo the difficult stage over the Silvretta High Alpine Road. 32 bends lead up to 2,032 meters before the Stromer can begin recuperation and can recover some of the energy.

The requirements are also high on the remaining days of the E-Auto Silvretta: the maximum driving distance has been increased raised almost 120 km per day. Not too big a problem for electric cars in the lowlands, but in the mountains it looks different if you look at the elevation profiles in the picture gallery. The drive is garnished with special stages in which the most important thing is not the highest speed, but the highest accuracy. The yardstick is the hundredth of a second, which must be observed when passing light barriers and pressure hoses. More or less there is no broken axle, but then penalty points are added to the time account.

Series vehicles and prototypes form a unique field at the E-Auto Silvretta. Vehicles that are not yet at the dealer can be experienced here. Many premieres have also been announced for 2012. Where could this music of the future play more impressively than on the most beautiful routes in Montafon and Vorarlberg?


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