Dragula Munster's Coffin Dragster: 350 hp coffin

Grandpa Munster's legendary car from the TV show "The Munsters" has been auctioned. It was built by the no less legendary George Barris.

If a text about cars talks about a "coffin on wheels", then in most cases it is about a vehicle with blatant safety-related defects. In this case, however, the expression is to be taken quite literally, because that is exactly what the Dragula Munsters Coffin Dragster is - a coffin on wheels. The quirky vehicle was sold by auction house Mecum in Kissimee, Florida, in January 2022. A price range was not defined in advance, but the weird vehicle found a lover. The coffin brought in 473,000 dollars (around 417,000 euros).,

Of course, we first have to classify such a special car. The Coffin Dragster was built by Hollywood legend George Barris . The American, who has died in the meantime, has created countless special conversions for film and television in the course of his career. These include Knight Rider's K.I.T.T., the 1960s Batmobile, the Ghostbusters' Ecto-1, the A-Team van and various James Bond service vehicles. And that same Dragula Munsters Coffin Dragster comes from the halls of Barris Kustom Productions. The coffin didn't make it to the big screen, but it made it onto television and into the hearts of many fans of the cult series "The Munsters". First broadcast on September 24, 1964 in the USA, the story of the creepy-funny monster family ran for 70 episodes in two seasons. In the series, the coffin dragster belongs to the quirky Grandpa Munster; a vampire who's been married 167 times, spends his time doing science experiments, and sleeps upside down in his closet. During the day of course.

Ford V8

It's good that Grandpa's car built by Barris is quite capable of raising spirits. In the series, he builds the speedster to take part in a race - the vehicle is correspondingly sporty in the real world. You can probably imagine what the 350 hp V8 from Ford does to the presumably not too heavy single-seater. After all, as a driver you should remain quite focused, because no armada of controls in the cockpit requires concentration. Ignition, start button and control - that's all it takes. An automatic transmission sorts the propulsion.,

As spartan as it is under the cockpit cupola, the details on the exterior are just as loving. The fact that the "headlights" are attached in the form of antique lanterns, for example, or that the tailpipes stand up like the organ pipes rounds off the overall design perfectly. A total of five examples of Dragula Munster's Coffin Dragster were built for the TV production, the one up for auction is the last of them. The other specimens serve as decoration or exhibits in museums. And this one? Well - someone owns a very eccentric first or second car now.,


"Herrrrman! You idiot!" – Grandpa Munster had to exclaim this iconic sentence several times in the TV series. Even when Herman lost the family car in a race. Good thing Grandpa has a knack for technology and without further ado builds the Dragula Munsters Coffin Dragster to win back the car. After the bizarre vehicle had fulfilled its task, it was allowed to be auctioned off. However, street legal would be unlikely in Germany.


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