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DEUVET survey on the federal elections on September 26th

DEUVET surveyed parties on the subject of classic automobiles. Most answers are reassuring. A single party did not answer the questions.

What the future of our hobby looks like could also depend a little on the outcome of the election to the German Bundestag on September 26th of this year. As in the previous elections, the DEUVET Bundesverband Oldtimer - Youngtimer e. V. sent all major parties a catalog of questions on the subject of classic automobiles; you can download the results here:

In fact, most of the answers are surprisingly positive, even from parties you wouldn't necessarily expect it to be. Only one faction is showing its teeth a bit as usual. och we are in the election campaign, and as a population group, all oldtimer and youngtimer drivers together reach a relevant size that you don't necessarily want to mess with. I therefore urgently advise, before ticking, not only to read the answers to the questions put to DEUVET, but also to read the programs of the potentially eligible parties.

Vintage cars are part of the solution


In addition, in the next few days, at election events on the local marketplace, you should certainly take the opportunity to talk to the people's representatives about our hobby. About the fact that we are preserving a technical cultural asset that plays a large part in the current prosperity of the Federal Republic of Germany. About the fact that the average annual mileage of the individual classic cars is so low that even a larger number of H-approvals will not have any measurable negative impact on the environment in the future.

But above all about the fact that sustainability is the core topic of our scene. When it comes to environmental protection, vintage and youngtimer drivers are therefore not part of the problem, but part of the solution.

About the survey: The methodology

The DEUVET Bundesverband Oldtimer - Youngtimer e. V. asked the major parties about their plans for future historical mobility for the third time on the occasion of the upcoming federal elections. DEUVET, which represents the interests of owners of classic vehicles, calls this year's eight sets of questions "choice touchstones". The parties were given several weeks to give their answers. Here you can read the answers from the CDU/CSU, SPD, FDP, Bündnis 90/Die Grünen and Die Linke. The AfD did not use this opportunity, even after repeated reminders from DEUVET. The federal election will take place on September 26, 2021.


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