Delahaye 135 MS Figoni Falaschi Narval Cabriolet (1947)

Delahaye 135 MS Figoni Falaschi Narval Cabriolet
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W hen you have the Narval Cabriolet from Figoni & Falaschi don't know it doesn't matter. Only seven were ever built. The base, a Delahaye 135 MS, is also not very popular. It probably helped to be as prominent and successful in 1947 as the French singer Charles Trenet - whom few people know today - to even be able to buy such a car.

Delahaye 135 MS with Figoni & Falaschi- Body

Delahaye built the 135 M and MS between 1935 and 1954. With a preselector gearbox and cable brakes, the car belongs technically to the pre-war era. The front wheels are individually suspended, the rear axles hold semi-elliptical springs. An in-line six-cylinder with three Solex carburetors generates 125 hp, which means the car should reach speeds of over 160 km /h.

The French coachbuilder Figoni & Falaschi, who otherwise also dressed Bugatti and Talbot-Lago, for example, took chassis number 800495 to build one of seven “Narval” bodies on it. The name is a reference to the hump on the front, which is reminiscent of a beluga whale. The body and interior are color-coordinated, the convertible top is dark blue to match the paintwork. In front of the passenger there is a plaque reminding of the famous previous owner Charles Trenet.

Mecum does not name a price

Said Delahaye was at the 1946 Paris Motor Show. The car was most recently part of a collection. The convertible has been restored, the auction house Mecum does not name a price.


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