Datsun Cherry 100 A (E10): Weird Mini from the Far East

Hardy Mutschler
Datsun Cherry 100 A (E10)
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E s enjoys cultic veneration in Japan - ob as blossom, fruit or valuable wood for furniture that lasts forever. The Winter Games took place in Sapporo at that time. Hanami in particular, the cherry blossom festival in May, testifies to the millennia-old cult around the spherical, three-centimeter-tall fertility symbol. For the Japanese, the white, innocent cherry blossom is a symbol of awakening and transience, and it also reflects feminine beauty.

Wild mix of styles over a length of 3.6 meters

The Datsun Cherry, as it will soon be called instead of the brittle formula 100 A, not exactly. It seems too bizarre for that, which is mainly due to details such as lights and lettering that are not very tasteful. In any case, the proportions of the four-door Datsun Cherry are well done for a 3.60 meter short small car; There is even a bold shot of Alfasud in its lines, especially the strikingly shaped C-pillar gives the profile of the Datsun Cherry a certain whistle.

The evolutionary stage of the large tailgate, which is so important for small cars, is not yet planned , that's what the Datsun Cherry Kombi is for. The small model series is even crowned by a super obliquely styled coupé, a strangely shaped Japanese ornamental cherry named Datsun Cherry 120 A. Our model Tamara, unlike Datsun Cherry, an undisputed radiant beauty, has spontaneously fallen in love with the little red Japanese and will spend a day with him on the trail of the cherry.

To get in the mood for the ritual Datsun Cherry- When traveling, she wears a scarf with a cherry pattern and every now and then sips from a large bottle of cherry coke. From Stuttgart it goes first to the Black Forest and then to the Ortenaukreis, the area between Rastatt, Baden-Baden and Offenburg. Here in the warm climate of the Upper Rhine Graben, the cherries ripen particularly quickly.

Four-cylinder inspires with its lively temperament

Snarling, the Datsun Cherry starts moving on its cuddly twelve-inch model, stubborn like a terrier being run by a strange mistress. After just a few kilometers, Tamara feels at home in theDatsun Cherry. The seating position is relaxed, it is not so folded up behind the steering wheel as is usual in this car class. The dashboard looks tidy, but by no means poor. The high-contrast watches shine in a timeless Smiths look. She finds the oversized pull switches for lights, windshield wipers, choke and hazard warning lights amusing. My first Sony sends its regards - but unfortunately there is no radio listening, the original built-in cover is still in, the musical enjoyment would be significantly clouded by the pithy engine noise of the Datsun Cherry.

The Datsun has a lively temperament and a hoarse screaming sound Cherry just in a double pack. 'I would like five gears. And above all a tachometer, then I could make the little one cheer even more heartily,' Tamara will finally sum up at the end of the trip as she crawls under the trunk hatch of the Datsun Cherry, around the small wicker baskets full of cherries reload into your Golf II. Big booty from an enterprising day.

Cherry with independent suspension, transverse engine and front-wheel drive

The red Datsun Cherry dates from 1975 and accompanied the Datsun debut on the German market. In addition to the classy sports car Fairlady 240 Z and the baroque six-cylinder luxury limousine 240 K-GT, the Datsun Cherry played the special role of a technically ambitious car with front-wheel drive, transverse engine and an elaborate rear independent wheel suspension, which is the ideal form of a canon of technically simple Datsun dozen goods The semi-trailing arm axle comes very close.

Conceptually, the Datsun Cherry emulates the Mini, although without being a copy, because it can do almost everything better - except look better. The steering and gearshifts feel British and solid, even the singing of the transmission in the lower gears is reminiscent of the typical driving noise of old English cars. The healthy hardness of the Datsun Cherry chassis also shows Commonwealth character, the sophisticated construction does not pay off in terms of driving comfort. Despite good systems, the Datsun Cherry lacks the fine-tuning of suspension and damping, in addition to the pleasing design, this remains the original sin of Japanese cars for a long time.

While the steering of the Datsun Cherry has high restoring forces when cornering quickly and when accelerating Pulled by the arms with the wheels turned, the short, crisp gearshift shows the precision that is known from an MGB. You would never expect them in a transverse engine front-wheel drive. After all, the Mini has proven us wrong for decades. Apparently the Japanese perfection is again noticeable in this fine-tuning.

Powerful Datsun Cherry engine needs to be turned

Just like with the extremely easy-revving, ultra-short-stroke one-liter four-cylinder, to which the simple OHV Construction with only three crankshaft bearings is never noticed when driving. In theThe basic conception of the Datsun Cherry's chain-driven motor corresponds to the BMC-A propellant, but it is significantly more powerful. What feels like 60 instead of real 45 PS seem to prevail under the accelerator pedal, auto motor und sport determined a maximum speed of 6,600 rpm for the 100 A at the time.

If you are not afraid of it, you can go downhill in the Datsun Cherry to a speedometer 160. But even without such acts of strength, the Datsun remains Cherry 100 A a lovable and bizarre small car, an exiled Englishman from Japan and on top of that one of the last survivors in this country. And woe to anyone who says he's ugly. Then he has to deal with me.


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