Crazy Cars at RM Sotheby’s London Auction 2018

RM Sotheby's Classic Car Auction London 2018
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S o beautiful and desirable a Ferrari 365 GTB /4, a Jaguar E-Type of the first series or a Porsche 911 GT2 of the series 993 are too - that's standard fare at auto auctions around the world. A six-figure sum here, a billion or two there, one car collection has already been reduced and another has been increased. Business as usual. Individualists are more likely to be interested in the out-of-the-way program, the unique pieces and memorabilia as well as the vehicles, art and car parts with a special history. This is exactly what we present in this overview. /RM-Sothebys-Auction-London-2018-169FullWidthOdcPortrait-2ef895b5-1186874.jpg ',' copyright ':' ', 'caption': 'Gebhardt 88C2 from 1987'} '>
Gebhardt 88C2 from 1987

What is the LMP1 and LMP2 category today was called Group C and C2 about 30 years ago. Real prototype racing cars, the stronger representatives of which were used by factories like Porsche, Sauber-Mercedes and Jaguar. The C2 class was the playground of the private teams, including that of the Gebhardt brothers. This 88C2 drove mainly in overseas races and in the Interseries held in Europe and is powered by an interesting engine: a two-liter five-cylinder turbo from Audi, as it was also used in the legendary IMSA Quattros. Not sold!


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