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Classic Recreations Shelby GT500CR: Restomod Mustang in carbon

Classic Recreations
Shelby GT500CR from Classic Recreations
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Already s for about ten years the US Classic Recreations is offering a new edition of the Shelby GT500 from the 1967 and 1968 model years. The men from Yukon, Oklahoma, actually use original bodies for their Restomod Coupés, which they lovingly restore and equip with very powerful V8 engines. But now Classic Recreations is going one step further and giving the US sports car legend a carbon body.

Carbon know-how from Speedkore

The Americans are working with a well-known specialist: The Speedkore Performance Group, which in the recent past appeared with spectacular Dodge conversions . But the carbon fetishists near Milwaukee are by no means limited to one brand; They have also taken care of various Ford Mustang generations. So now together with Classic Recreations for the rebirth of what is probably the most famous Shelby variant in Mustang history.

Classic Recreations
This is what the Shelby GT500CR from Classic Recreations looks like when it has a steel body.

On the basis of a body scan by Speedkore, a digital 3D model is created, according to which the carbon fiber parts are shaped and then baked in the in-house autoclave. A steel mold based on the Shelby Mustang is then lined with the carbon parts. According to Classic Recreations isthe resulting body is not only lighter and stronger than its steel counterpart, but also has 'hypercar quality'.

Engines with up to 913 hp

The carbon fiber Variants of genuine Shelby GT500CR creations from Classic Recreations. There is a choice of several engines: Either the five-liter V8 known from the current Mustang and offered by Ford as a Crate Engine, but with 497 hp. Or the highlight of the range of engines: the manually rebuilt and pressurized V8 monster with a seven-liter displacement using a Procharger compressor and charge air cooler. The engine just has 913 hp.

Classic Recreations
A monster of an engine: the supercharged seven-liter V8 has 913 hp.

Of course, the technical innovations are by no means exhausted. Every Shelby GT500CR from Classic Recreations has a manual five-speed gearbox from Tremec and a stainless steel exhaust in X-Pipe design from Magna-Flow. The Americans convert the Shelby steering to a servo-assisted rack and pinion counterpart; In addition, a coilover suspension and oversized stabilizers pull in. A braking system from Wilwood works behind the American Racing forged wheels, which are covered with Michelin high-performance tires. For a surcharge, however, it can still be heavily upgraded technically and visually.

Speaking of costs: A 913 hp Shelby GT500CR with steel body costs at least $ 284,900, which is currently around 260,000 euros. With a carbon outer skin, the price increases by 60,000 euros; accordingly, the restomod beauty costs the equivalent of almost 315,000 euros.


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