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Classic car purchase advice: Classics up to 10,000 euros

Large selection for classic fans
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  • Audi Coupé GT 5E
  • BMW 320i E 30
  • Citroen 2CV
  • Fiat 500
  • Mazda RX-7
  • Mercedes W 123
  • MGB
  • Peugeot 504
  • Volvo 240 Kombi
  • VW Beetle 1200

N ot only old Porsche 911s have increased in price in recent years, even everyday cars that were once cheap, like the duck, have become more expensive. That doesn't change the fact that there are still attractive classics for around 10,000 euros: There is a large selection of affordable classic cars; the following candidates include vehicles that are easy to find and do not require a degree in archeology to search for parts. These include models for different tastes and from various countries. For just under five digits there is, for example, a British roadster, an Italian small car, a Swedish classic or German home-style cooking. The prices are for models in good condition, corresponding to a grade 2 or 3 - the best choice for a classic that doesn't worry and is suitable for driving.

2 CV 4 and 2 CV 6, their air-cooled two-cylinder from 435 cubic centimeters produce 24 hp and from 602 cubic centimeters 28 hp. Thanks to the low weight of the thin-walled body, it is making good progress. The ride comfort and the undemanding technology created by long spring travel and two central longitudinal coil springs are legendary.

  • Citroën 2 CV: 28 hp, 115 km /h, prices: 2,800 to 14,000 Euro

Peugeot 504 was replaced by the Peugeot 505 in Europe in 1979. The long construction time indicates how robust and timeless the mid-range series turned out to be. There are also many variants: The 504 was available as a sedan, station wagon, coupe, convertible and pickup. Some of them are still in daily use in France, especially in Africa, of course.

The most popular sedan in our country is a joy because it is so nicely proportioned, has comfortable suspension and is easy to operate. The buyer has to watch out for rust - the Peugeot shares the problem with all contemporaries of the 70s. The drives are considered robust, but are happy to be treated with care.

  • Peugeot 504: 1975 to 1981, 110 hp, 180 km /h - from approx. 6,500 euros
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Volvo 240 Kombi so little need for explanation that the lack of the operating instructions would probably not be noticed for years. In principle, every household that often transports small furniture or large dogs should have a Volvo station wagon. The 240 is ideal because it looks so robust, functional and classic, as if it had already been born with an H license plate. Of course it isn't. On the other hand, it was basically a classic car when the last copy rolled off the assembly line in 1993. Because it didn't drive so much differently than an old car: the engine reliably pulls the station wagon with rough running and early torque. Anyone who regularly changes oil and timing belt will always arrive. The chassis does not offer the comfort of a Mercedes T-model or the dynamics of a BMW 5 Series, but the turning circle is surprisingly small and the driving behavior is always uncritical: In case of doubt, the Volvo understeers. He is skeptical about curves and swings slightly with his rear end with a medium load. You can endure it like that, even as far as Sweden.

Rust on door edges and sills can be a problem. The mechanism is considered robust and thanks to a minimum of care with eternal life. The spare parts supply is good, but not always quick or cheap. Leaks in the power steering can be expensive if the steering gear has to be replaced.

  • Volvo 240 station wagon: R4, 2.3 liter displacement, 113 hp, prices: approx. 10,000 Euro
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