Classic car bargains: Top 12 depreciation in 2023

These 12 classic cars have lost between 12 and 25 percent of their value in one year. In extreme cases, the loss is six figures.

Classic cars don't lose value? It depends and is by no means correct, as an evaluation by our partner Classic-Analytics shows.

12 classic cars with a loss in value

The market observer determines its vehicle values ​​from auction results, offers at trade fairs, in magazines, from dealers and on online portals. In an exclusive evaluation for, Classic-Analytics queried the 12 classic cars with the greatest changes in vehicle value within a year from the list that appears monthly in Motor Klassik with the listings for around 1,110 models.

The 12 classic cars with the greatest increase in value since January 2022 can be seen here . The increase is between 30 and 64.7 percent. The spectrum of brands and models ranges from the Abarth 595 SS to the Lamborghini 400 GT.

The list of the 12 classic cars with the greatest loss of value since January 2022 is just as colourful: Big names like Aston Martin, Lamborghini and Rolls-Royce can be found among the limousines, coupés and convertibles. There isn't really a pattern to be seen. Aside from the Lamborghini Islero, not a single closed sports car is among the detractors.

Double-digit minus for Alfa, BMW and Citroën

Even a brand icon like the first BMW M5 has lost value within a year: The sports sedan became 10,000 euros cheaper within a year. The rare and sporty 1800 TiSa of the new class lost even more - in euros and percentage. Alfa Romeo Giulietta and 2600 Berlina as well as the Citroën D Spécial each lost double digits.

The loss of a Ferrari was particularly severe: The 330 GTS is quoted 345,000 euros lower than in January 2022 than a year ago. A lot of money. With a value of over two million euros, however, the Ferrari owner lost less in percentage terms than the owner of a Lotus Elan, which fell in value by almost 16 percent and is now worth 37,000 euros instead of 44,000.


As bitter as losses may be, they are only realized when the property is sold. This can be a good opportunity for buyers. In any case, it is not true that vintage cars are automatically garage gold.


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