Citroen SM Chapron: Oh, my lord - madness with method

Kai Klauder
Citroen SM Mylord at the Silvretta Classic 2015
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' If the word madness had to be redefined, one would only have to 'engine compartment C itroën SM 'say '- Andreas Golz opens the hood of his Citroën SM - and grins. The sight of the completely filled compartment makes for amazed and incredulous faces. In the middle are the two large air filter housings, in front of them the green spheres of the hydropneumatics with the high-pressure pump, and in between the towering air-conditioning compressor. Far back in the engine compartment of the Citroën SM is the Maserati V6, which is surrounded by numerous cables and hoses.

Those who dare to do this should either have a lot of time - and joint-free fingers - or feel good familiar with the matter Citroën SM. The latter applies to the Peugeot, Volvo and Citroën dealer Golz. He is one of the most renowned experts when it comes to Citroën DS - and also with the SM he has some experience.

35 years in Sleeping Beauty

So of course he struck straight away when this Citroën SM , because the golden copy is one of only 5 built Citroën SM Mylord, the convertible version that was built by Henri Chapron (1886 - 1978). And that's not all, because the bodywork artist wanted to finish this unique my lord for his daughter Noelle.

But that didn't happen, the elaborate production quickly caused financial difficulties. Because first the bodies of the SM built by Chausson were brought to Chapron. There the roof, the B and C pillars were removed and numerous body stiffeners were welded in. Then it went to Citroën, where the drive and technology were installed. The Citroën SM Mylord was finally finished with painting and the assembly of the interior fittings again at Chapron.

This was also the case for this 1973 SM, but the bankruptcy came in - after only 5 Mylord completed (some sources speak of 7 or 8 copies). 'The rare convertible was almost finished by Guy des Landes,' says Golz,'But in 1978/79 the convertible was completely dismantled.'

Precision landing for the Silvretta Classic

The Citroën SM Mylord was stored for more than 35 years - until Andreas Golz was offered it last year. He immediately started with the complex kit. All sheet metal parts were stripped of paint and sanded down by hand, and the underbody was also given new paint, although the sheet metal was very good and rust-free. The Maserati V6 was also completely rebuilt, the hydropneumatics were revised with many new parts.

'Basically, we redesigned everything, we only got help from specialists for the paintwork and parts of the leather upholstery - and that's it we became the Mylord 2 weeks ago - in keeping with the Silvretta, 'the Citroën fan is pleased.

Technical highlights of the Citroën SM

With the SM, Citroën demonstrated its upper-class claim. 2.7- and 3.0-liter 90 ° V6s from Maserati with 170 to 180 hp were used as the drive, which ensured remarkable performance. The SM flew over the motorway at more than 220 km /h. The chassis, which is very comfortable thanks to the hydropneumatics, quickly earned the nickname 'flying sofa'. But the SM did not hit the nerve of its time. After almost 5 years and only around 12,900 copies, it was over.

A special feature is the height adjustment of the headlights controlled by central hydraulics. 'There is a pressure transducer on the front and rear stabilizers, which transfers the level to the headlights depending on the compression of the wheels,' says Golz. The steering inner headlights, on the other hand, are hardly worth mentioning.

Citroën fans find it fatal that the Citroën managers have now decided to set the hydropneumatics: 'The technology is problem-free. If so if you come to the car for maintenance every 2 years, there are no defects at all. The hydropneumatic chassis are far better than others - and were really a unique selling point in the competition. '

Citroën SM my lord auctioned for 550,000 euros

But back to my lord: Even if there is so much work in the open Citroën SM, Golz does not want to keep it. 'Driving is a dream, comfortable DS chassis and the powerful SM engine. But somehow that's not really my car. I prefer to drive DS:'

So the rare Citroën SM is my lord Sale. The pricing is not exactly easy for such an exclusive car, but the last public sale of such a model gives a clue. In 2014, Artcurial auctioned a copy as part of the Retromobile auction - the hammer fell at 548,320 euros. But this car was not in such good condition - and has no connection with Chapron's daughter. That justifies an extra charge. Realisticwould be around 600,000 to 650,000 euros. But first you have to find a Citroën SM fan who wants to do this madness to himself.

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