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Chevrolet Corvette purchase tip: Porsche killer from € 15,000

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D he 344 hp of the new Alu-V8-LS1 brought back then too European competitors break a sweat because the new Corvette now weighs only about 1.5 tons. The Corvette C5 with a six-speed manual gearbox completes the standard sprint from 0 to 100 km /h in a breathtaking 4.7 seconds.

In addition, the brakes and chassis of the 1.87 meter wide monster now met the high demands of the German car testers. The new Corvette chassis in transaxle design and a completely redesigned chassis with two transverse leaf springs made of plastic had an effect.

Arturo Rivas
This is what the Corvette C5 is all about: the 5.7-liter V8 with 344 hp and more than 500 Nm ensures real acceleration orgies.

A convertible feeling in just a few steps

Traditionally, the Corvette C5 Coupé, like its two predecessors, also has a Targa roof. It can be removed by one person and stowed in the relatively spacious trunk lid. Despite the very flat windshield that extends far to the rear, you get a real convertible feeling when the side windows are open. Only the look in the rearview mirror reminds the driver that he is actually driving a coupé.

The few criticisms of the Corvette C5 concern the relatively hard-tuned chassis, the loveless workmanship and the many extras , but unfortunately in the rounded cheap plastic style interior. Even the two leather seats, which are not particularly hard-wearing, look extremely artificial. If several owners have left their mark on it, it sinksFun curve in the minus area.

Arturo Rivas
You accept that: The feel and quality in the interior are not very convincing. Fortunately, everything works for a long time.

That's how much a Corvette C5 costs

Bargain hunters can get one from 15,000 euros Buy Corvette C5. Then it should be clear, however, that it is not a copy in good condition. Most of the cheap deals are US imports, often from Dutch dealers. Corvette C5 with less than 100,000 km on the clock and a stamped checkbook cost from around 20,000 euros.

Please note: Spare and wear parts are relatively expensive for the Corvette C5. The mechanics are considered robust, but errors in the engine management, worn brakes or a leaking differential are typical C5 weak points.

Arturo Rivas
The shape of the Corvette C5 only differs in nuances from the C4 - at least in profile. Long hood, short stern, lots of glass.


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