Carlex Jewel Jaguar XJC: Cockpit fireplace room

Carlex Jewel is planning a dystopian retro Jaguar. The basis is the XJ Coupé. The promise of Poland: no plastic in the cockpit.

Ever since we knew that Daniel Craig was saying goodbye to the screen as James Bond with "No time to die", speculation and rumors about the Brit's successor have been ramping up. At this point we have to dig in a bit. It doesn't matter what gender or skin color 007 will be in the future, as long as Carlex Jewel's Jaguar XJC becomes the company car. The Polish design company Carlex Design has founded a sub-brand for retromod superstructures, of which only a few copies of different model series are to be produced each year. This Jag is one of them.,

Leather, wood and metal

Carlex promises that there won't be an inch of plastic in the cockpit. Only leather, wood and metal should be used, plus classic muted colors for the interior and exterior. Of course you can now object that the pictures of the vehicle are just computer retouches. That's true, but according to a press release, the team is already working on the first three cars and two of them will be available for sale this year.,

The original Jaguar XJ Coupé was built a total of around 10,500 times from 1975 to 1978 and although technology and The quality of workmanship, let's say, still had room for improvement, but the timeless elegance of its shape still inspires car fans today. However, Carlex customers should not have to worry about technical shortcomings. The Poles install new hardware under the modified carbon dress. A 400 hp V8 provides the propulsion, transmission, brakes and chassis are replaced by modern counterparts. So far, Carlex has not revealed any further details, nor have the other models in the Jewel sub-brand. Nevertheless, it should already be clear: If you want to put this retromod version of the XJC in the driveway, you don't need the talents of James Bond, but the account balance of your adversaries.,


Even if so far only renderings show where the journey is going - our mouths are already watering. The fact that the Jaguar XJ has reached its most beautiful form as a coupe is largely undisputed, even among fans. With the Retromod model, however, Carlex provides the extra flavor and does not even touch the original vehicle stock. You can say win-win.


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