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Buying tip VW Scirocco II: Iconic disco athlete from € 4,500

Best seller VW Scirocco II
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M with the K 70 I cruised to the disco, it fit five People in, which my buddies shamelessly took advantage of. Before midnight, the coveted Manta B, Scirocco or Ford Capri coupés, for which only two seats would have been enough, were long gone from the parking lot. This humiliation runs deep, since then the spirited, beautifully styled Scirocco has been the symbol of a youth that has not been lived for me.

Plain but more efficient 1 , 8-liter

Above all, the shrill VW Scirocco special models Scala and White Cat reflect the disco fashion of the 80s like no other car. White was as trendy then as it is today, except that it didn't stop at the Avus-Alus or the taillights.

Despite its Golf I platform with front-wheel drive and transverse engine, the VW Scirocco is so agile and light-footed like a BMW 3 series. The seating position is low, the cockpit with tachometer and four-spoke steering wheel exudes a touch of GTI. The staid, but efficient 1800 four-cylinder with 90 hp is easy-turning and powerful.

VW Scirocco defeats Porsche 924

There is a comparison test at auto motor und sport , because the VW Scirocco II defeats the Porsche 924. Because it can do everything well: driving comfort, processing quality and price. Despite its lightweight construction, it feels solid, and its soft, round shapes look a little feminine. In spite of this, or perhaps because of it, he had a hit with women. He never parked long, he was usually already on his way - to the next disco.

This is how much a VW Scirocco II costs

The prices of the VW Scirocco II start at well under 1,000 euros. But for this there are usually only battle vehicles, where restoration is not worthwhile in almost all cases because of the low price to acquire. It's worth it for do-it-yourself screwdrivers.

Top model cracks the 7,000 euro mark

Neat specimens in condition 2 According to Classic Analytics, they cost from around 6,700 euros. There is, for example, a Scirocco II GTX built between 1985 and 1990. For special models, you don't have to expect a large price premium - there are too many for that.

The top model are early models of the VW Scirocco II GTI and GLI (built in 1981 and 1982), for the around7,200 euros are due. Late Scirocco GT 16 V are just 200 euros less.


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