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Buying tip VW Lupo from 1,500 €: hot item or piggy bank?

Best purchase VW Lupo from 1,500 €
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Of course, it would be best to dawdle to the organic market with the three-liter Lupo to buy a few carrots and a dozen regional apples arise. Supported by an automatic start-stop system, a long-geared automated manual transmission and, in late models, a freewheel, the small V W drive so that it does not consume more than three milliliters per kilometer, provided the interpretation the term 'driving' is benevolently broad and the person at the wheel of the three-cylinder is likewise - read: composed.

Even without it Particle filter, the Lupo gets the green badge

The top guardians of our clean city air do not doubt that. They consider the Spar-Lupo so harmless that it gets a green sticker even without a particle filter. So he can continue to do something for the good climate in the city centers because in theory and on average he hardly has to cough up more than 80 grams of carbon dioxide per kilometer.

In practice, the transmission jerks, the electronics play crazy every now and then and the turbocharger gives up the ghost. In addition, the Fox ancestor is not often available in the green version - and when it does, it costs a lot, not just because of the often high mileage. Too much? Your own environmental conscience may decide that, but don't forget that there is plenty of aluminum built into the three-liter Lupo.

Now it's time to mention that the VW Lupo has another page. In addition to the eco pioneer - the green side of power - there is also the black face to stay in the picture. In 2000 VW brought the Lupo GTI with a 125 hp 1.6 liter four-cylinder. And with this, from a multi-point injection systemthe powered engine is off the rails.

In 8.2 s the needle is at 100, only at 205 km /h is the end of funny. in between, however, the hot little Lupo impresses with surprising driving behavior. The body has been lowered by 20 mm, the Lupo GTI also has disc brakes at the rear, and the lightweight aluminum fenders, doors and bonnet reduce the weight. VW indicates the average consumption is 7.3 liters. But anyone who has ever moved a Lupo GTI knows that this is only a theoretical value.

Special case VW Lupo FSI

The VW Lupo 1.6 16V FSI is a special case. This variant has a 1.4-liter direct injection engine that develops 105 hp at 6,200 rpm. The 1.4 FSI is one of the rarest Lupos and offers sporty driving performance with low consumption. Thanks to the Lupo 3L's body with an optimized drag coefficient, the FSI has a consumption of 4.9 liters. The direct injection engine needs Super Plus, but the lower fuel consumption means that the additional costs are quickly absorbed.

The only catch on the 900 kg light VW Lupo 1.4 16V FSI: Like the Lupo 3L, it was built exclusively with a 5-speed semi-automatic.

That's how much a VW costs Lupo

The prices for a VW Lupo suitable for everyday use start at around 1,500 euros, if it is the economy diesel, you add another thousand. The range of Lupos is high, you can get mediocre vehicles for well under 1,000 euros. If it is a car with a full service history and less than 100,000 km, you have to reckon with prices starting at around 2,500 euros.

A 3 L- in the appropriate condition costs around 4,500 euros, but is rarely found, because the use of the saving miracle was and is the kilometer scrubbing in the hands of commuters. Accordingly, the mileage increases quickly into the six-digit range.


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