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Buying tip for the Volvo 940 from € 4,000: Sweden station wagon with rally qualities

Buying tip for the Volvo 940 from € 4,000
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The early sun pushed its way through the cloudy New Year's Eve. The last New Year's rockets had burned out hours ago. Now the last party-goers trudged through the snow of a winter that was still a real one. I had two sleepless nights behind me, drove with the V olvo 940 back from the hospital, elated with tiredness and joy about the birth of my daughter, lulled by the roaring heater.

The Volvo 940 drifts around the corner

If there was ever a moment when it was good for a Volvo to take care of me, it was this: When the slippery road increased, in the narrow right in front of the Dyke.

I blinked, turned in and accelerated a little cockily. So much of it that even the delicate power of the B200 engine exceeded the traction reserves of the winter wheels. The Volvo 940 swung the rear. Counter-steer until it stops. And the station wagon drifted around the corner with a grace that would never succeed if you wanted to achieve it on purpose.

Without a counter swing, it calmed down again and took me home for the last twelve kilometers. And honestly, that was actually what I have ever experienced in one of my five Volvo 740/940s in all these years and tens of thousands of kilometers in terms of rear skidding.

Volvo holds on to the rigid axle for a long time

The performance is too tame, too careful the coordination of the rigid axle, which is always installed in the station wagon, whose track and camber constancy Volvo has not tired of conjuring up for decades. Yes, there are people who with a Volvo 940 gossip across rally stages. On the other hand, I had the best chance of a second spin cycle in the 940 when I was doing what a Volvo station wagon is actually for - and taking the old washing machine to the recycling center with it.

That's how much one costs Volvo 940

Depending on your needs, you can get a ready-to-drive Volvo 940 for well under 2,000 euros. In state 4, Classic Analytics, for example, lists a 940 GL 2.3 at 1,400 euros, the three-liter counterpart is 200 euros higher, the two-liter four-cylinder is a little cheaper. Should it be aCondition 2 copies, there is a problem: the search for such a car will take a long time. Because the 900 - especially with a manageable mileage - has meanwhile matured into a collector's car. This is then also reflected in the prices: In state 2, the 2.0i has around 7,800 euros, the 2.3 around 8,100 euros and the three-liter around 8,500 euros in the list are, with the Volvo most of it takes place over 300,000 km, of which there are few on the market. But the mileage is of secondary importance. The engines are cross-country skiers and with good care can easily cover half a million kilometers.


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