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Buying tip Audi Coupé (B2) from € 3,000: little brother of the original Quattro

Buying tip Audi Coupé (B2) from 3,000 €
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A ls the first coupés of the Audi B2 series were a bit more rocked and parked more often in front of rural amusement temples, I was already out of the worst years and drove B2 sedan. Until I replaced it with an Alfa 33, anyway. But I didn't want to tell you now.

The HB sticker couldn't be missing

It was that angular coupé with the formal resemblance to the original Quattro was a rather embarrassing box back in the late 80s. Young hot spurs from the lower Rhine or the Vulkaneifel drove something like that, often with Audi Sport or HB stickers and a battery of flak headlights in front of the bow, even if only a 1.8-liter four-cylinder was squatting behind the light organ.

That didn’t prevent the boys from stepping on the links to the cult discos in Nettetal-Kaldenkirchen or Zingsheim, which decimated the stock of good original B2 Coupé within a very short time.

So an Audi Coupé costs a lot

So they have become quite rare today, they are now reaching almost five-digit prices, but the well-worn parts carrier for three-digit euros is also well represented. However, only the rare Audi Coupé Quattro. They are listed by Classic Analytics in condition 2 at 10,000 euros, moderate condition 4 cars cost around 2,200 euros.

The front-wheel drive Audi Coupé are in condition 4 with prices from 1,700 euros in the list. If you have a lot of patience, you might actually find a condition 2 copy after a long search, then around 6,900 euros (Coupé GT 5S), 9,000 euros (Coupé GT 5E) and 9,300 euros (Coupé GT 2.3) are due.

The agony of choice - it should be a late model with five-cylinder

Today I would prefer to take a neat front-wheel drive copy from a careful Pre-owned by pensioners - preferably an Audi Coupé with automatic and velor upholstery - with a five-cylinder engine and without modifications.

There are cars in metallic tones with names like Zermatt silver, ocean blue, platinum or Portorose Metallic with cozy interiors and little rust . The later copies of the Audi Coupé after 1985 rust less, many of the early ones already have H-plates. A 87 or88cc five-cylinder with Kat, that's it.


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