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BMW M1 by Andy Warhol: Le Mans Art Car in industrial construction

BMW M1 by Andy Warhol
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BMW asked around 40 artists to design cars. One of the artists was Andy Warhol, who exactly 40 years ago wrote a M 1 painted. In keeping with the Group 4 racing car, Warhol was in a hurry to paint: “I tried to depict speed. When a car drives really fast, all lines and colors are blurred. ”In fact, the Warhol-M1 competed in Le Mans in June 1979: Manfred Winkelhock, Hervé Poulain and Marcel Mignot finished second in their class in the number 76 car and sixth place in the overall ranking.

Main prize: Photo shoot with a BMW classic

This is exactly the car that Stephan Bauer chose for his photo shoot. The photographer from Munich had won an Instagram photo competition for which BMW 2018 called 'Shootout 2018'. The main prize was a photo session with a classic from the BMW Classic collection. Bauer staged the M1 in an old factory hall in Cologne. According to BMW, the result was a “spectacular contrast to the dreary gray of the abandoned industrial building.” The photos were again disseminated on BMW Classic's social media channels. By the way, 40 years ago the photographer had a hard time: Warhol had almost finished painting the car when the cameras were hardly set up.


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