BMW 5er (F10) in the driving report

Achim Hartmann
BMW 5er (F10) driving report
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K do you call Michel from Lönneberga? That Swedish rascal who pokes at his environment with pranks, but in the end still becomes a respectable citizen? Well, just as Astrid Lindgren's children's book cut a swath of anarchist Steppkes, BMW design chief Chris Bangle burst into the sedan establishment with his BMW 5 Series in 2003.

5 Series moves away from 5 Series GT

None Problem, the external shape of the sixth generation, available from March, already promises success. The technology has already been on the road in the BMW 5 Series GT (BMW 5 Series GT in individual tests) since autumn last year. The classically elegant sedan distances itself at least as vehemently from its multifunctional concept, which takes getting used to, as it does from its decidedly cool predecessor. The new one should offer a mix of BMW 3 Series and BMW 7 Series - and it looks that way, concealing its 4.90 meter length (the wheelbase grew to 2.97 meters) with the now familiar beads, radiator and lamp designs. Flowing on the one hand, concentrated on the other, as head of design van Hooydonk postulates. Hobby tuners used to have to take care of the bad headlights themselves, but now it blinks as standard - but xenon costs extra.

Processing meets the requirements of the upper middle class

Even after getting in, it has to be Brand connoisseurs hardly get used to it. The 'black panel' instruments, some of which are digitally animated, correspond to simplified BMW 7 Series fittings and thus to the series production of the GT. The horizontally arranged dashboard, including the controls placed in it, can orient itself a little more towards the driver, supported by slightly curved decorative strips. Shimmering wood veneer with a silver frame, accurate decorative seams: the processing meets the requirements of the upper middle class. Just like the ergonomic comfort seats, the airy feeling of space and the infotainment department, which only offers the Internet with slow edge access, but grants quick access to navigation and music.

A hybrid version in Start series

The gear knob next to the i-Drive already commands the new eight-speed automatic. The co-production created with ZF squares the circle through narrow gear steps with a wide overall spread and a friction-reducing design, helping to combine higher comfort with lower consumption. Low consumption - a goal that BMW is adamant about. Depending on the model, the BMW 5 Series is tightwith demand-controlled alternator, braking energy recovery, movable radiator shutters to reduce air resistance (drag coefficient: 0.28) and a purely electrically assisted power steering. Even a hybrid is already roaming around, enriching the Geneva Motor Show as a study in the spring to start series production in early 2012. Before that, Touring (autumn 2010) and all-wheel drive versions x-Drive (end of 2010) are on the way.

Daring lines and a cool techno look instead of a good living room. It was only with the facelift that generation five were given a gentle smoothing. And lo and behold: In the course of its construction time, the BMW 5 Series (internal name E60) has changed from traditionalist horror to mass-compatible success type, leaving its successor (internal F10) in maxi format.

Euro 6 even without urea injection

The first four-cylinder also buzzes in the third quarter. The 520d is not only the only BMW 5 Series to have a start-stop system (standard, only available with manual transmission), it is also the only one that tunnels the 40,000 euro barrier. With momentum: the two-liter diesel, which has been boosted to 184 hp and 380 Newton meters of torque, promises a standard consumption of exactly five liters per 100 kilometers, despite its propriety in keeping with its standing. For torque surfing while killing nitrogen oxide at the same time, however, you tend to use the brawny 530d and order the NOx storage catalyst for 1,190 euros. Then Euro 6 even works without urea injection.

Combination of direct injection, turbocharging and Valvetronic

Keyword injection: Those who like intake manifold injection are on dry land in the BMW 5 Series. Here the combustion chambers are only supplied directly. For example with the BMW 535i: While the sparkling wine is still sparkling on the occasion of the award of its twin-turbo predecessor as Engine of the Year, BMW ignites the next stage with the combination of direct injection, charging and Valvetronic. Instead of register charging, a single charger with two separate supply lines should improve the response behavior. In addition, the valves, which can be adjusted in stroke, smooth the way for the mixture to enter the combustion chambers by making the throttle valve superfluous. In fact, the three-liter pushes muscularly with 400 Newton meters from 1,200 /min, hums melodically and leans on top of it with such fiery roaring that you forgive it for the slightly delayed response and the robustness in higher altitudes on board the BMW 5 Series

Which is easy in view of the generally well-groomed manners of the business sedan, which switches from almost fluffy comfort to brand-typical dynamism at the touch of a button, without resorting to blurring or hardship. It steers precisely, springs and cushions competently. Especially when all chassis options are on board: Active stabilizers and adaptive dampers, connected by a fast Flexray data bus, cooperate with the aluminum chassis andthe active /rear wheel steering. The whole thing under the protection of a surcharge-based assistance umbrella consisting of a lane change and departure warning, adaptive cruise control with stop-and-go function, night vision device and adaptive light with high beam assistant. Not to forget various cameras up to a simulated bird's eye view, a head-up display plus traffic sign recognition.

Are you smoking your head? Needless to say, it sounds more complicated than it is, after a short period of getting used to it, you can easily master the technical load. After all, BMW does not want to disappoint its customers, who claim to be very loyal. Don't worry, number six has a good chance of adding a few more to the 5.5 million BMW 5 Series so far.


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