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BMW 318 iS (E36) from 3,500 euros: four-cylinder E36 for connoisseurs

BMW 318 iS (E36) from 3,500 euros
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F or the coming cold spell it may take longer For many years with a 318i convertible (E30), however, it might be a bit younger, for example a 318iS from the E36 series.

Formally, the E36 series is becoming more and more attractive, both inside and out. Everything is no longer as rudimentary as its predecessor and yet far removed from the sometimes faceless design trends of many younger vehicles, the golden ratio between antiquity and modernity, so to speak (this perspective depends very much on the year of birth, of course).

BMW 318iS as a revelation

And then there is this ingenious 1.8 liter four-cylinder with four-valve technology under the hood the BMW 318iS, which was so much fun for a short time in the previous model. And which the BMW people have now trained 140 hp. It doesn't matter that the good manners fell by the wayside. Because every time it is a revelation, how wonderfully rough and loud this unit gets down to business at higher speeds.

When it comes to handling it is 318iS superior to the six-cylinder

The best: not even a ten hp 320 could seriously outrun the BMW 318iS. The big brother weighs almost 80 kilos more - in terms of handling, the iS was suddenly the best choice within the family of three. If this model were now also available as a convertible, my winter car would be perfect. But you can't have everything.


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