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auto motor und sport archive: digitally search old issues!

Browse through the archive of auto motor und sport
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A on the occasion of Valentine's Day, Zwischengas.com is now offering all interested parties the opportunity on February 14, 2019 to take a deep look into the huge Zwischengas archive. All images, texts, technical data, reviews, magazine pages and original documents will be accessible free of charge on this day, just as they are otherwise only available to paying premium readers.

Largest German-language magazine archive

Only a simple registration is necessary, but this ultimately also opens up many other advantages, such as the popular weekly newsletter, access to archive articles and photos as well as extensive technical Data collection. With over 520,000 digitized magazine pages, Zwischengas.com today offers the largest German-language online archive ever. Every Tuesday Zwischengas.com sends out a classic newsletter that reaches over 60,000 subscribers.

Read the tests from back then online

Yes, old books are great! They tell of times when we were young, in the language and the images of that time. Car magazines are also the best way to understand how the contemporaries of yore viewed a classic car today, how it happens that some cars are legendary today. But do you still have an auto motor und sport from 1969? Yes? Do you know where? And in which booklet is something about which car? No? Then we have something for you!

The search for old content is now very easy and convenient thanks to modern methods: Zwischengas.com digitizes the archive of auto motor und sport. Issue by issue. And then you don't have to scroll through the pages, you can google old vintages, so to speak. For example after 'Test Mercedes 230 SL'. And then download the appropriate booklet. Thanks to the fascinating scan technology, it can also be read easily on a tablet or computer. And if you want to keep more than one notebook, it doesn't take up any more space. The prices are fair, the way to the cellar is no longer worthwhile.

All volumes up to 2000 available digitally

Now all 55 volumes with around 26 magazines and thousands of pages each are directly accessible . But before that, the approximately 250,000 pages had to be digitized. After scanning, the pages had to be manually reworked and the text identified. Only then are the individual pages in the correct context on Zwischengas.com published and indexed so that you cancan be searched in a split second. A work of months.

You can already see the first results. Because from now on, the years 1946 (at that time the magazine was still called “Das Auto”) up to 2000 are online at Zwischengas.com available. In order to have a good look at the pages and to be able to read them well, a premium membership on the classic car portal Zwischengas is required, which costs only a few euros per year or less than a cup of coffee per month.

This is where you can find the online magazine archive of Zwischengas .com!


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