Audi Sport Quattro Replica by LCE High Performance

Tuner LCE High Performance has discovered a niche for itself: The company from Lake Constance builds replicas of the Sport Quattro based on the ugly Audi 80.

In the 1980s, the Audi Sport Quattro was the most exclusive car that a was produced by a large-scale German manufacturer. All in all, only the 220 copies required for the homologation of the Group B rally offshoot were made - and thus significantly fewer than the other German sports car icon of the time: A short time later, Porsche built at least 292 units of the legendary 959. With basic prices from the beginning 195,000 and later 203,500 marks, the Sport Quattro was also the most expensive German car of its time.

Today the edgy "short" has a high demand and a low (actually almost non-existent) supply. According to a basic rule of business administration, this leads to high prices. And indeed: Whenever an original Sport Quattro comes onto the market, the prices now climb into the range of around 500,000 up to one million euros.

A hybrid of a coupe and a two-door sedan

However, there is also a much cheaper option: The company Lake Constance Engineering (LCE) from Markdorf on Lake Constance, which gives it its name, already offers Sport Quattros in the low six-digit euro range. The not insignificant catch: These are not real representatives of the small series from the eighties. LCE rebuilds them as replicas, whereby the troupe realizes different variants - depending on the customers' hunger for performance and their wallets.

LCE is marrying two variants of the Audi 80 Type 85, also known as the B2: The coupe, which as a donor vehicle typically has the Quattro drive with a 136 hp, 2.1-liter five-cylinder, receives the A and B -pillar of the two-door Audi 80 sedan also has reinforcements in the body shell. On this basis, LCE forms a carbon fiber body with wide jaws, so that the replica looks confusingly like an original Sport Quattro. Only the doors and the tailgate remain from the donor coupe - the rest is newly modeled composite material. No wonder that the curb weight is only about 1.1 tons.

Audi 80 interior - or more

The look in the interior depends entirely on the chosen variant. In the base comes a Sport Quattro replica from LCE with the dashboard and cloth sports seats of the original Audi 80 coupe. From variant 2 there is a complete roll cage, a specially made dashboard, Recaro sports seats and a few more details on request. Covers made of leather or Alcantara are possible in any version - it just costs extra.

When it comes to drive technology, things start off relatively gently with Variant 1, which costs at least 140,000 euros.The technology is donated here by an Audi S2 - and with it its 2.2-liter five-cylinder turbo engine, which LCE pushes from 220 to 350 to 400 hp (depending on the octane number of the fuel used). The tuner also takes over the intercooler, the axles, the differential, the five-speed gearbox and the chassis unchanged from the S2. A stainless steel exhaust system is connected to a 76 mm downpipe. The S2 brake system with its 276 millimeter discs sits behind the 9x16 inch rims, whose five-spoke design is reminiscent of the wheel look of the former Rallye Quattros.

Engine based on a diesel block

Variant 2 swings into higher price (from 168,000 euros) and performance regions (400 to 500 hp). The special feature of the 2.5-liter five-cylinder turbo engine: LCE is building it from scratch on the basis of a diesel block from the VW-Audi shelf (engine code AEL) and with four-valve technology and optionally with a Garrett or TTE turbocharger. The 9.5x17-inch forged wheels and the 323-millimetre brakes on the front axle (S2 stoppers are always used at the rear) are also custom-made by the tuner. In addition, there is a KW chassis that is matched to the Sport Quattro replica.

Variant 3 costs at least 188,000 euros, but comes with the 2.5-liter engine with a minimum of 500 and a maximum of 600 hp. This time, an optimized KW coilover kit, a reinforced clutch and additional thermal insulation are moving in. As an alternative to the in-house forged wheels, 10x18 inch round wheels from the BBS motorsport range are available.

Replica with a rally look

Further versions of the LCE replica transform Variant 1 into a Sport Quattro with a rally look. With a short front bumper, modified trunk lid, underbody protection, roll cage and for at least 220,000 euros, the Audi comes along like an S1 E1. On request and at prices starting at 283,000 euros, the team from Lake Constance will also pack thicker fenders, more powerful spoilers and a larger roll cage on or in the car. There is also an exhaust system with a larger pipe diameter, a six-speed gearbox and a KKK turbocharger. Then the Sport Quattro comes along like the S1-E2 or even the Pikes Peak version. In the latter case, up to 750 hp are on the data sheet.

In almost two years, LCE has built 42 examples of its Sport Quattro replica. And according to company boss Steven Koppenhöfer, the interest is unbroken: If you order today, you will be served in February 2026 – as of now. However, the troops from Lake Constance should receive reinforcements in order to reduce the waiting time to two to two and a half years. Incidentally, a famous customer has already had the necessary patience: The Sport Quattro, which Ken Block treated himself to as a private car some time ago , is an LCE replica - and of course one of the particularly powerful types.


Opinions are always very different when it comes to replicas: Do they dilute the myth of the original because most people cannot tell the original from the fake and so false facts can be presented? Or do they even spur it on because you can only see the real specimens – if at all – in museums and the copies are at least driven while keeping the memory of the original alive? This could be the subject of lively debates for hours at the regulars' table.

One thing is clear: LCE seems to have found its niche here and satisfied enough customers to be able to keep long waiting lists. The necessary seriousness seems to be given in this project. Added to this is the high degree of customization, which is already appreciated in this price range.


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