Auction vintage car gallery Toffen 16.10.2021

The Oldtimer Gallery auctioned around 100 classic cars, tractors and motorcycles on October 16 in Toffen, Switzerland. We show a selection here.

At its auctions, the Toffen vintage car gallery usually offers a colorful mix of vehicles from various decades with two or four wheels. The years of construction usually range from pre-war to modern times and the prices from three to six digits. Sometimes there are bargains too.

100 vehicles in the auction

On October 16th, Reinhard Schmidlin and his team auctioned around 100 two- and four-wheelers. There was also an orderly bicycle from 1979 – it was supposed to cost between 800 and 1,000 Swiss francs (736 to 920 euros) but could not find a buyer. Traditionally, the auction begins with automobilia, i.e. collectible items related to automobiles. These can be models, spare parts or works of art.

BMW 3 Series, Opel GT, Porsche 911

This time, the spectrum of cars ranged from the 1950s Fiat with two cylinders to the Ferrari with a V12 engine. In between there were commoners such as a BMW 3 Series E21 with the small M20 six-cylinder, an Opel GT with the 1.1-liter Kadett engine or a Peugeot 403 with diesel. The Opel GT found a new buyer for the equivalent of 14,000 euros, the Peugeot remained unsold.

Among the lots were real classics like a Citroën 2CV or a Porsche 911 - both with air-cooled boxer engines, by the way. The 2CV was first delivered to Switzerland in 1984 and has since covered a manageable 36,000 kilometers. It was supposed to cost the equivalent of between 11,040 and 13,800 euros, but never found a new owner. The 911 from California is different: It was sold for the equivalent of 99,000 euros. Its second owner even bought the Porsche twice. The technology was revised in 2019.

Ford pick-up by Michael Schumacher


Three interesting youngtimers were also up for auction: A Ford F-150 owned by Michael Schumacher. The racer owned the pickup from the Harley-Davidson Edition for more than ten years and drove it very little; 27,000 kilometers are on the clock. Still, no one wanted it for the asking price. A Renault Avantime and a Rover 75 will be auctioned off quite cheaply and without a limit: The Rover sold for less than 2,000 euros. Favorable opportunities like these are typical for the auctions of the Toffen vintage car gallery.

The auction – like the previous ones – also took place online and was also broadcast live for interested parties. You could bid after registering on or Bids could also be submitted by telephone or written purchase order. Only registered bidders were allowed into the hall on site - and no more than 250 tested or vaccinated people. The Oldtimer Galerie calculates a premium of 12 percent on the hammer price.


Every autumn, the vintage car gallery in Toffen auctions off a colorful mix of vehicles. There are always good opportunities to park between high-priced classics. The variety of brands is typical of Switzerland: cars that are exotic in this country are more common there.


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